Introducing Patriarch Allied_Hate

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Introducing Patriarch Allied_Hate

The name of my old PvP barb on Bnet, and probably my favorite character ever, has now be granted to my first SP barb Patriatch. Here's the numbers for stat freaks.

Gear (all items unsocketed unless specified)
4% Arreats Face
15% ml/4% ll Cresent Moon
7% ml/6% ll Soul Drainer
70 AR, 8% LL 10/10/10/40 res Rare Ring
219/18 Ravenfrost
Thundergod's Vigor
War Traveler
"Lionheart" Archon Plate
Echoing Weapons on switch for +6 warcries
And this beauty:

Hone Sundan
Ghost Spear

Two-Hand Damage: 98 to 715
Durability: 28 of 28
Required Dexterity: 163
Required Strength: 122
Required Level: 69
Spear Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0xd202083
+191% Enhanced Damage
+20 to Minimum Damage
+40 to Maximum Damage
60% Increased Attack Speed
45% Chance of Crushing Blow
Repairs 1 durability in 10 seconds
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired), Socketed (3: 3 used)

The gear gives 22% dual leech total.

STR: **-->163 (base enough for archon naked)
DEX: 100-->153 (minimum for Hone Sundan )
VITA: 307-->357
NRG: 10-->20

Life/Mana: Pre-BO-->W/ BO
Life: 1841-->3793
Mana: 186-->373

Damage: w/o Might Merc/// /W Merc
Concentrate: 830-5581///1056-7103
Whirlwind: 652-4379///878-5901
Zerk: 971-6553///1197-8055

Conc: 5223
WW: 5343
Zerk: 6001


Fire: 44
Cold: 50
Lightning: 80
Poison: 74

Skills (before///after +skills)
Shout: 19///28
BO: 20///29
BC: 1///10
WW: 20///25
Zerk: 1///6
Spear Mastery: 20///23
NR: 3///6
Inc. Sp: 1//4
1 in all pre req's

Guillaume's Face
200% ED (perfect) Upgraded Duriel's Shell (1499 defense)
193% ed Reaper's Toll
Defense: 13,635
Life: 3,688
Dmg: About 2.3k with aura active

Well, this character was VERY fun to play. He had only one death outside of the Ancients FE bug. That was in the chaos Sanc in hell which upon dieing, I realized that I had only 85 strength naked, so I couldn't equip my armor, which was my lowest requirement. So I asked a friend to help me with the CS, and then i leveled in the Crystalline Passage and promptly put 3 points in STR so i wouldn't have that problem again.

The Ancients was the touchest fight of all. I died three times to the FE bug. I checked two of them each time, and then gambled the third because they were upon me. I re-rolled the map 4 times, twice to FE bug, and once because all three Ancients were Mana burn, and once because of Curse/Fanat/Extra Strong/Extra Fast mods had spawned.

The last spawn Talic and Korlic were MB and some other random mods, and Mawdawc was Stone skin/Magic resistant.

Somehow, Korlic, the leaper went down in about 10 seconds. Great, I thought, the first is the easiest.

Well, I didn't have prevent monster heal anywhere, and my merc was attacking mawdawc and I was attacking Talic. With only 68% chance to hit, he was healing faster than i could damage him. Great.

The tricky part was to get my merc to attack Talic, as I needed to get rid of the MB mod. I rarely WW'd against him, as my blue bulb was empty. When he finally died mawdawc moved to a corner and he died fast.

Getting to baal was easy. No black souls or oblicion knights in the WSK, although there were ON's in the Throne, although I only had to fight one boss pack in the actual throne room. Got lucky I guess.

The toughest monster I fought all game, and I why I didn't take a screenie i don't know, was a Burning Soul boss pack in the Plains of Despair. He was Lightning enchaanted, Convicion Aura and Mana burn. Did I mention you can't leech off of those things? He eventually died to one WW, but i did take a good chunk of damage from him and his boss pack.

Anyway, that's all. I enjoyed the character very much, and I will write a guide on him later. It should be out later next week.


EDIT: forgot colors

EDIT #2: I just realized that the AMTA readout of the hone Sundan said 40% IAS. I wonder why? It has 3 shaels in it. Wierd.


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Good work.
I have always wanted to see a succesfull barb that wields a Hone Sundan upg.


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Lance barbs are the pwn! I've got my own Eth Hone Sundan user (titan build!) in 1.10, but dang I'm jealous of that Ghost Spear. Same damage as a perfect Cruel War Pike.