Introducing myself


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Introducing myself

Hey everyone, I have found this site by chance, loved it, and decided to join the forum. Diablo 2 was always one of my favorite games, but I somehow always end up with lots of different characters on level 30, so I was never really good at it. I hope it is not to late to improve :azn: . Playing online on is not my thing (I always feel like I am in a rush) so I will be playing singleplayer only. In my oppinion, game should be played with no cheats or not played at all. Since I have already read the stickies, I have a few questions:
1. In "SPF FAQ on Gameplay Affecting Techniques", /players X command is described as "a part of the game". Still, when I play using it, I feel like I am cheating (I could just go on countless runs in one area that isn't too dangerous with /players 8 and lvl fast). How many people use this command line, and is it totally aproved?
2. Are there any character guides for single player only that thoroughly describe the way to go through areas (for example: level 4-6 - hunt in cold plains etc.)
3. I have started my first character after a long time-sorceress (meteorb) level 18 right now. Is she a good choice for a starting player (I would like to try any type of amazon, because that is one character I have never played)?
Also, I got to level 18 by skipping a lot of caves and areas and using /players X. Do you guys usually skip areas and use /players X (I need a word from a pure gamer :wink3: )?


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1) 99% of this forum use the players x command line imo i think this number is higher. Some tournaments won't allow use of the players x command.

2) I'll get back to you on that

3) Meteor orb is good for starting so is fishy and i guess a light fury amazon

4) Skipping areas is fine , you'll find a few of these caves you don't need to explore to progress through the game but some have benefits to run for mfing.

5) Welcome to the forum , im sure someone will be along to correct any mistakes i've made/give you a more in depth answer :grin:


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Thanks for the quick reply, looking forward to more of those :smiley: .
As for that question 1. : You said : "imo I think this number is higher" - what does "imo" shortcut mean (I see it a lot on forums, but I never get enough courage to ask what it is :embarassed: )?
About light fury amazon: Could you give me a link to this amazon guide and is she good for mfing?


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in my opinon = imo

WSK Amazon Lightning fury/frozen arrow

Lightning Fury/Poisen

Pure lightning amazon

I have made a light amazon with a strong valk and is one of my favourite characters , it depends where you want to mf etc but overall i'd say it's one of the best for area running(maybe one of the varitions is slightly better for area running)


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Welcome! Here's your goodie basket of baked goodness and squid repelant. Don't mind the shin kickers, they mean well. Since you've read the stickies you know that an intro is supposed to let us get to know YOU so if you tell us a little more about you: general geographic location, favorite cookie, what you do when not playing D2, favorite charater build or type, ardvarks or anteaters, etc.; you get more cookies.

As for game play, IMO means in my opion, or IMHO in my humble opion. That's b/c while lots of folks do play with players 8 (it just makes it like a battlenet game with more people in it and that extra xp your getting is b/c the monsters are tougher too!) and not everyone doee full clears, there are as many diffent playing styles as there are players.

For instance some folks will not re-run areas at all, and they have do total full clrears, b/c that's how they play. There's a whole group who will play nothing but HC, and some folks don't use ATMA even. Many folks will run ahead to get the cube in A2 Normal, I don't like doing that. I hate rerunning bosses (but I must kill everything in the area, so I'll often recover an area to clear it out.) and I pick up every single monster drop. I mean ever little bolt, arrow, scroll, potion, etc. I can't stand clutter and it SELLS for gold! A-hem.

The point is, we all have quirks and you'll have your own too. It makes it more fun. (search "play style" in the thread title to see some of the more odd ball ones)


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Player "8" all the way through NM.:)
Hell...player "1".:(
Welcome to the SPF. More information about yourself please.
Don't worry about the "initial" sentences; I still have a problem too.


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Welcome to the SPF :wave:

As was already stated the /playersX command is fully approved by the SP community, but not everyone uses it. If you don't like it, no problem as that's purely a personal choice.

A Meteorb is a fine starting character. Of course some of us don't pay attetion to all of the guides and build something tough like a Frost Zealot as the first character instead :rolleyes: Basically it's all up to you, whatever you find gives you the most enjoyment.

One question: Hardcore or Softcore?


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Personally I think a Meterorb is a good choice for a person just starting. Back when 1.10 came out my 1st character was an Amazon using strafe. That was a big mistake in hindsight. Even with a Witchwild String bow, and other fairly decent gear Hell was, um, well it was hell. Killing things took forever and strategy was paramount. In other words, unless I was totally focused with a plan at hand I was likely to die.

I restarted recently with a Meteorb myself and IMO it makes sense. Orb will own normal and NM. In fact, my 5 year old son does Baal runs with my lvl 76 sorc by himself and never dies..That how easy it is. However, since you've never played Hell lvl before let me warn you that the most godly NM player may not make it out of the Bloodmor on H without getting spanked silly. On a scale of 1-10, norm is a 1, NM is a 4 and Hell is a 22. So, you don't really don't know what you have til you get to Hell.

That said, a necro is a slow killer but safer than a Sorc, IMO. An Amazon, even if using Jav's takes a fair amount of strategy. A tough task for someone whose never played at the hardest lvl. A Sorc gives you a better mix especially if, like me, your only going to play with what you find. Let me tell you, I've done 200 NM Meph runs and maybe 25 NM Baal runs (not many by any strecth I understand) and my equipment sucks!! Cripes, my merc didn't even make it to the Den of Evil before he died even though he can tank Meph and Baal on NM no problem.

Bottomline, Hell lvl takes strategy and gear. If you lack both then playing a character that can kill effectively without an Uber weapon and stay relatively safe without godly gear makes alot of sense.


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I live in Belgrade, Serbia (a place probably unknown to many of you). When I don't play D2 :
-I study, hoping to sign a good university next year (probably pharmacy)
-Bodybuilding. I stick to a healthy diet and training routine, I am very determined and I think I will have a great body one day.
-I also love other RPG games, like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Gothic, Morrowind etc etc.
-I used to play D2 casually, to relax and liked the charming graphics and story at first. Later I found out how complex it actually is.
-I am and will play softcore, at least for a while.


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there see? that wasn't hard! *gets bobby some of the oatmeal cookies* here, dear, these are actully good for you.

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Welcome to the forum.:wave: You've already read the stickies so, check. You have yet to be kicked in the shins so, here is a pair of shin guards with goalie pads and 12 inch concrete blocks attached. They are a little heavy but, the do a good job of protecting your shins. If you run into the squid call the squid squad at the EMB and start hacking, slashing, beating away at it.

Also, stop by the EMB sometime and have a drink on me.