Introducing myself


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so who are you? where are you from? what character(s) do you usually play? married? kids? arrest record? ever been abducted by aliens? had a secret affair with a high ranking government official? do you prefer croutons or bacon bits? What's your favorite color? and finally, how do you say 'hello' in Swahili?


What a warm welcome thank you! Sorry about the short intro had to hurry last night, so heres the rest. Im 18, live in VA, go to college and work a part time job. I have An awesome Girl, but no kids :uhhuh: yet at least. D2 and Halo are pretty much the only comp games i play. I play on Useast ladder and have a lvl 97 sorc. 50 overall and 14 on sorc ladder so im happy about that :surprise: I decided to start playing sp because realm was jus gettin boring so i decided to try something new. Currently i have a lvl 9 hc Fb/meteor sorc, and a lvl 11 concentrate/ww barb. Sorcs are really the only char i seem to do well with but ive decided to give others a try. Thats really about it. And again thanks for the warm welcome!


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Welcome :D
I dont post here much anymore but I like you got bored with the ladder running and mfing on bnet so I started playing SP.
Cant find a nicer place than here :)


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Hello Dr34m. welcome to our part of cyberspace.... get your jacket at the door :lol: you'll find us all a bit different than those on the realms.... head over to local bar the EMB and :drink: tells us about your adentures... a 97 sorc... 1.09
or 1.10... some of us have never played on the realm but have heard the tales..

peace :bow: