Introducing myself


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well hello! it's always great to have new members. enjoy your stay. read the faq and don't hesitate to ask for advice around here. :howdy:


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Howdy! :howdy:

it'd be great if you told us more about yourself... what you do, where you're from, what sort of chars you play in diablo, or anything else... within reason of course. :rolleyes: we're always interested in the people we're going to be talking to.


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Welcome and enjoy your stay! Since no one's done it yet, I would suggest checking out the FAQ's at the top of the forum for some great build suggestions and excellent stuff. :) Welcome!


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Hello and welcome to the SPF! Enjoy your stay and have one on me :drink:
Good luck to you in all your characters and all magic find undertakings!


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Welcome, Dr34m!!

But, as stated before, some more details 'bout you and your chars would be welcome as well.

As in: Whaddya like to play, what not, and why... Simple things, really... Almost like a *real* introduction..... :uhhuh: