Introducing myself


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Introducing myself


since I'm a new member to ( about two weeks), I've not merked that everyone should make an introduction thread for himself:(
Anyway I'm 24 years old student at the university in Tuebingen (Germany).

I've played D2 about 2 years alone:( from the patch 1.02 then upgraded to 1.09 then have bought the expansion set. After playing a while with the members I must say, that I've become addicted to this great site and especially to the MP thread and SP trade thread. The game here is realy something different and just mor interesting to play.

Thanks everyone who has contributed to make this fantastic website. :cool:


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welcome welcome be sure to read the faq and be wary of the giant squid and my wolfes. also note that the shin kicker solo one day might return to kick your shins