Introducing... ME!

Sir Lanksalot

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Introducing... ME!

Seems to be the thing to do so i thought i would introduce myself.
My names Josh and i am originally from England now living in New Zealand (have been for 4 years).
Got into D2 a few months back and cause of my connection decided to go for single player and whilst looking for a guide for a skeleton necromancer came across this site and decided to bless you all with my presence! :D

I have a lvl 83 blizzard sorceress who is killing mephisto for items for me at the moment. I plan on completing the game with her eventually! And i recently started a necromancer who is now lvl 25 and finding the going easy in act 2.
Thanks for the great site btw.


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hey me! or if i was canadian it'd be amy. heheheh

I think 4 years in NZ makes you a viable sheep joke target :D


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It's 1 year corax ;)

Welcome Lanksalot from a fellow new Single-Player (played for ages on bnet though). If you need any help with build ideas or anything, just post here :)

And get your shinguards out, FB could be here any second...


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i'm also playing a Skellymancer at the moment, although mine is a little bigger than yours at level 84 in Act III Hell ;)
if you're still looking for help i used Nightfish's guide which you can find here.

otherwise, enjoy your time here and help yourself to a welcome :drink:

:) matt


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Welcome to the forum, I hope you'll enjoy your stay. And good luck with your Necro :D


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A warm welcome to you... in the form of a hug from Mr. Fire Golem (it's all he's useful for these days, anyway)


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#endgame said:
A warm welcome to you... in the form of a hug from Mr. Fire Golem (it's all he's useful for these days, anyway)
that's not true. he makes a handy coaster for your coffee mug.


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*Puts on sheepskin boots of shearing lanks*

Well lets beat FB to the kick :p

*proceeds to kick sir lanksalot in the shins*

welcome to the forums
*kicks uzziah in the shins with his steel capped boots of the black death*
*kicks the remaining shin of lanksalot for good measure*
And sheep jokes shouldnt be solely aimed at NZ'ers. the Welsh are famed for the love of the wolly mammals.


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howdy, welcome and hello

please wipe your feet after returning from the Blood Moor - I hate it when people track zombie entrails all over my nice clean carpet (not to mention quill rat doodoo, that stuff is murder to get out... and the smell! but I digress)

I see yor shins have already been kicked so all that is left is an invite to the EMB and to ask your opinion of aardvarks.


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*runs into the thread carrying a first aid kit, gives Sir Lanksalot a Full Juvi*
Good thing i restocked ;) Bad FB and Uzziah!!

Welcome to the SPF, Sir Lanksalot! :) Enjoy your stay here!