introducing Matriarch NumberOne


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introducing Matriarch NumberOne

After receiving that stash of potions from cat and that nice lesson on tactics i was able to beat ancients after only 2 more tries. After that it was a breeze.

Sorceress lv 80


Str - 85
Dex - base
Nrg - 100
Vit- 280


20 FO
20 CM
20 Meteor
10 FB
6 FM
3 Warmth
1 Teleport
1 Static field
and prereqs

Gear: This is my first char since my restart, and all the gear was self found!

Weapon/shield: Occy/Rhyme bone shield
Armor: Stealth dusk shroud
Helm: Tals mask
Boots: Tearhaunch
gloves/belt/rings: crappy rare stuff with mf and resists

merc gear: Crow Caw, Hone Sundan 'AmnAmn', Eth Vamp gaze (really lucky find on my second kill of hell meph)

Hell baal was pretty easy, although i had to make many trips back to town for healing while fighting his minions becaus ei ran out of rejuvs on my trip through the WSK. He was very nice to me and dropped me a Nightwings Veil. I dont really know about the rarity of this item, but 10% increased cold damage is nothing to scoff at. Oh and for those that remember my earlier thread i said i would be documenting all of the set/unique items i got while running through the game. so here is the list, sorry if it is a little long. Also this is without mf runs, so just from what i got on my first kills of act bosses and from regular questing. Unqiues come first.

Normal Difficulty: Deathbit, Biggins Bonnet SET Angelic wings, arctic mitts, cathans seal, cleglaws pincers, deaths touch, isenhearts lightbrand, isenhearts parry, sigons sabot

Nightmare: bloodrise, goblintoe, cairn shard, soulflay, twitchthroe, hellplague, coldkill, undead crown, moonfall, Husoldo Evo, General's tan do li ga, wormskull, sparkling mail, goulhide, buriza, bloodfist, deathspade, bloodcrescent, magefist SET isenhearts lightbrand, hsarus iron heel, angelic halo, vidalyas barb, sigons wrap, vidalyas fetlock, cathans seal, hwanins justice, berserkers hauberk, sigons visor, deaths touch, cathans sigil, tancreds spine, isenhearts lightbrand

Hell: Heart carver, rusthandle, the diggler, warlords trust, nokazoan relic, chromatic ire, the patriarch, blacktongue, blastbark, messerschmidts reaver, ripsaw, wizendraw, plaguebearer, stormguild, nightwings veil, skewer of krintiz SET sigons shelter, berserkers hatchet, cathans seal, vidalyas snare, sigons shelter, angelic sickle, sanders taboo, sigons wrap, najs circlet, najs puzzler, berserkers hatchet, nats boots, hsarus iron heel, irathas collar.

if my count is right than that is 73 items. i did not do full clears unless i felt like it, which wasn't often because i just wanted to finish this char so that i could start mfing to gear up the chars i actually want to play.

i will also use this thread to introduce my next char who will be started soon.

Frost Zealot or Tesladin, have not decided.


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Good Job!

Nice Mreaver! That can hav real sweet damage. And the Nightwings Veil just makes me jealous :lol:

slappy sam

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Wow nice items... you find so many more uniques than I do questing- I'm untwinked too... by choice ;) . Nightwings! GIB IT3MZ!


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hehe thanks guys, i like the nightwings too. i think i will do this with all my chars, and then compile a giant stat sheet with average amount of sets, average amount of uniques, average amount of elites, norms, exceps, average of highest tc for all the chars, etc. not really sure what purpose it would serve, but it would be cool to know.


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Congrats on the Mat!

The Nightwings is a nice find ... but the "below the radar" find for you, IMO, is the Naj's Puzzler which will give your other non-sorc chars a real nice fcr boost to teleporting.

You listed your set/uniques along the way which was cool.

I'd love to find out what runes and charms and stuff you found along the way too. What was your HF drop? NM? Normal?