Introducing Matriarch Niamh...


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Introducing Matriarch Niamh...

this is Friday's news, but the forums were AWOL when i dropped by to post, subsequently a couple of people may have seen this already...

Well, it’s been a while since I last introduced a Matriarch (or Patriarch), but last night Niamh became my 16th game winner and 8th Matriarch.

She is a Dragon Talon Trapper inspired by C-Beat’s very cool Dragon Talon/Trapper guide. I decided to invest more points in Shadow Master than C-Beat used, with less in the Trap Synergies and I went for 6 kick Dragon Talon compared to his 5. I actually still have 5 points remaining at level 85 which I’m not sure how best to use.

For the most part she was fun, and went players 8 through Normal and Nightmare and players 4 through Hell. Hell did start to get a little slow towards the end and Act V was horrible. As with my previous experience of Assassins she was pretty fragile. A mistake I did make, and only fixed late-Act V, was not carrying a Bartuc’s/Stormshield on the switch because she couldn’t have beaten the Ancients without it and I might not have had to enlist the help of my brothers Frenzier to finish the Nihlathak quest if I’d had the C/S setup on the switch.

Gearwise she had some decent stuff. I’d hoped to trade for a +2 Valor, but it wasn’t to be, so this is her final set up:

Guillaumes Face Winged Helm w Rune Eye Jewel (ED%/Res.All)
Naj's Light Plate Hellforge Plate
Weapon1: Bartuc’s Cut-Throat Greater Talons w Shael/Jade Talon Wrist Sword (+47 Res)
Weapon2: Bartuc’s Cut-Throat Greater Talons/Stormshield Monarch
Gore Rider Myrmidon Greaves
Thundergod's Vigor War Belt/String of Ears Demonhide Sash
Dracul's Grasp Vampirebone Gloves
Raven Frost Ring
Raven Grip Ring (Res.All, LL%)
Raven Talisman Amulet (+2 Skills, FRes, LRes, Dex)

Vikhyat, Act II Holy Freeze Mercenary Gear:

Guillaumes Face Winged Helm/Blackhorn's Face Death Mask
Shaftstop Mesh Armor
The Reaper's Toll Thresher

The merc and I both kept a Lightning Absorb item close at hand for Gloams etc. I also could probably have used an upped Shaftstop with a Res.All jewel instead of Naj’s Light Plate but had spent all my upgrading runes elsewhere and on the boots.

In terms of Skills and Stats:

Skills	             Base w Items
Traps:	             +	  5
Fire Blast	     1	  6
Shock Web	     1	  6
Charged Bolt Sentry  1	  6
Lightning Sentry     20	  25
Death Sentry	     20	  25
Shadow Disciplines:  +	  8
Claw Mastery	     1	  9
Burst of Speed	     5	  13
Fade	             1	  9
Psychic Hammer	     1	  9
Cloak of Shadows     1	  9
Weapon Block	     10	  18
Shadow Warrior	     1	  9
Shadow Master	     9	  17
Martial Arts:	     +	  11
Dragon Talon	     19   30
Stats	        Base	  w Items
Strength        100	  185
Dexterity	90	  146
Vitality	305	  325
Energy	        25	  25
Some useful resources can be found at JRichards page and you can check your attack breakpoints with JRichard’s Attack Speed Calculator.

:) matt


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necrolemming said:
GG matt.

Wanna race to 30 pats/mats? :D

BTW, why tucs for onhand weapon? Why not something with CB or ele dmg?
tucs are t3h schnizzle.

GG on the mat. pfffft sins *hatz0rs sins*


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Bartucs cos of Skills and Stats. the original Class Specific items can't be beat and 50% CB was good enough for me with 6 kicks...

:) matt


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Nice build! :thumbsup:

How would you rate this build if you were to do it untwinked, 'full clear once' style? How do you think such a character would fare in /p1 Hell?


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playing untwinked i'd go Claw/Shield... could be able to manage then.

i find assassins to be pretty fragile though...

:? matt


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jiansonz said:
How would you rate this build if you were to do it untwinked, 'full clear once' style? How do you think such a character would fare in /p1 Hell?
Nice Mat :clap:

I think I can answer this question. If untwinked, she will kill slower, but not very fragile at all. sin has the best crowd controll skills, only necro curse can be better. CoS to blind all but the boss/champ, MB to stun all + convert few extra meat shield + stop all charges at you, cast SM tank ahead. I can tell that she is 100 times better/safer than any pally. My only MAsins (don't like traper, so they are all MA), may kill a bit slow, but nothing can touch her (not include FE bug/act boss/ancients) after "mess cast" of MB ahead (I always throw few MB before charge in bettal).