Introducing Matriach Confused, the Enchantress


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Introducing Matriach Confused, the Enchantress

Matriach Confused lvl **

Head: Andariel's Visage socketed with 26%f.r/15%IAS Jewel
Neck: Mara's Kaleidoscope (29%)
Weapon: Lightsabre
Shield: Stormshield socketed per diamond
Weapon: Gimmershred
Shield: Moser's Blessed Circle socketed 2 x per diamond
Body: Lionheart Scarab Husk
Rings: Ravenfrost 244/18 dex
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
Hands: Bloodfists
Belt: String of Ears 8% l.l/15% P.D.R
Feet: Waterwalks 60 life

Str: 180
Dex: 213
Vit: 268
Nrg: 50 (base)

life: 1128 mana: 279

Resists: 80/75/75/85 50% P.D.R

Skills: max: warmth (28 after plus skills)
enchant (28)
fire mastery (28)
lightning (25)

also: chilling armour (15)

1 point in all pre reqs as well as these "one-point wonders"
static field (6)
teleport (6)

Defence with chilling armour: 3852 plus defience from merc: 7704
75% blocking, 42% FHR (9 frame hit recovery)

Main Weapon:
base damage: 431-2023 plus venom: 521-2133 plus enchant: 5956-8643
65% IAS, 10 fpa, 2.5 attacks/second

base damage: 1226-5470 plus venom: 1316-5580 plus enchant: 6772-12k
Attack Rating: 5691 (62% to hit Baal)
75% IAS, 14 fpa, 1.7 attacks/second

Baranar's Star
base damage: 479-2842 plus venom: 569-2952 plus enchant: 6004-9462
Attack rating: 8937 (70% to hit Baal)
95% IAS, 12 fpa, 2.0 attacks/second

Chilling armour and Enchant were pre-buffed with Mang Song's Lesson giving lvl 33 enchant and lvl 20 chilling armour

Lightsabre was Confused's weapon of choice due to it's ITD and that it could easily reach the sorceress' max attck speed (10 frames). She threw Gimmershred's at monsters I was to scared to melee and used them occassionally on fire immunes. Baranar's Star was used on bosses where ITD would not work and the 200% bonus to attack rating would help out.

Confused went through all three difficulties on /players 8 setting. She suffered one death early in normal (doouhhh) but other than that the going was very easy through Normal and Nightmare. The beginning of hell raised new problems, fire immunes were quite slow to kill, due to a combo of low leech and low physical damage leeching was quite ineffective (if I had a spare sockect quest I probably would have put an Amn in the Lightsabre) and she suffered from one hit kills from the stronger monsters (ghouls, blunderbores etc..).

The going was slow in hell but Andariel, Duriel and Meph all fell relatively easily. I thought Izual would be a real brick and take a lot of hacking but he fell about 30 seconds Hephasto turned out to be a lot harder but well worth it as the Hellforge yeilded an IST (my second in 3 1.10 characters to make it that far). The Chaos Sanctuary was slow with fire immune pit lords and the guys with swords who come with the Oblivion Knights. Tactics for taking them down involved Static to half life then teleport merc so we both attacked the same creature all the while avoiding the OK's spamming Iron maiden. After well over an hour the sanctuary was cleared and out came Diablo, merc died in under a second but Confused stood in his face and with the aid of The Rising Sun dispatched Big D without even needing a healing potion.

Act 5 was not too hard the Ancients spawned with nice mods straight away no amp damage cursed, no aura's nothing even close to scary. Managed to get Korlic on his own after a lot of teleporting (Mardwac(Sp?) throwing his axes at a pillar) down went Korlic who was lightning immune so no static, next was Mardwac static then melee cleaned him up quickly, then refound Talic who was fire immune, staticed to half life then slowly chipped away. In the end only one healing potion was required.

Confused did a full clear of the Thrown of destruction as I was worried she would have to park Lister, there were Burning souls, Oblivion Knights and Snake thingys. First four groups of Baals minions no probs, The Rising Sun was used for the Council member and Pit Lord groups. Lister spawned extra fast so alot of teleporting was required to break up the group. In the end Lister fell surprisingly easily to Gimmershred's.

Baal was a push over as always, he just took longer than usual. Had to return twice to town to get rid of his clone. As a parting gift he left Short Seige Bow so I was pleased.

I'm very happy to have finally got Confused through hell, progress was often slow and the life orb had to be kept constantly near the top. My merc had numerous deaths and playing on players 8 made me realise some monsters (such as Stygian Harlots) are quite damgerous when you can't kill them in one go.

Well there she is my 3rd SP matriach. YAY :)


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Congratulations! :clap: Good to hear that you had some good fortune with the tougher bosses along the way.


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Really nice! I'm working through 8 player hell with my own Enchantress also...I hope to Mat her somewhere in the next few weeks (will have little time to play the next few weeks).


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Congratulations on your achievement. That sorceress has some balls to walk up to Baal and hit him with a big glass knife.


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Holy smokes! :surprise:

I had no idea an Enchantress could handle Hell mode at Players 8...

Very impressive! Huge congrats to you! My next build is an Enchantress, in fact. I was strongly leaning toward a Might Merc. Now I'm not so sure...

Very nice gear too. :drool:


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Andariel's visage

Hi Mat Conf

Andariel's Visage? does it got something to do with the Act I Boss, Andariel?

I remember when I kill that boss, she never drop any Visage?