Introducing GoreJaws


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Introducing GoreJaws

This isn't a pat / mat thread, but in two weeks it will be!

I was playing around this morning with my wolf druid, when I had a brainwave. I muled my assassins treachery over to my druid, shapeshifted, and went out and smacked things. after a minute or so, my wolf was faded. The most awesome looking thing ever.

I have also been working up a wolfbarb, so I figured... why not combine the two? Starting today, I'm seriosuly levelling my potential wolfbarb, so he can be as cool as ThroatSeeker (my druid).

*runs off to level GoreJaws*

BTW, he's called GoreJaws, because wolves look gorgeous, but a barbarian called gorgeous, wel... it's kinda fruity. So I did a little play on words.


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Like the name, like the ethereal wolf, like the other name (Throat Seeker), like the idea. Good luck with your guy and give us a pat thread when you're done.


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Can't wait for the screenie...

BTW, I've seen so much trash talk from Liq in the DOA thread, its nice to here you say some nice things too!