Introducing: Destruction - Level 99 Barbarian (1.09)


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Introducing: Destruction - Level 99 Barbarian (1.09)

Tick off character class number five on the neverending quest for 7 level 99 characters in 1.09. In a full cow game attended by all the 1.09 regulars except D2Addict, Destruction the barbarian reached level 99. (Technically he ran out of cows with 100,000 xp to go, so Pindle provided the last bit of experience to push him over the top).

Destruction had two principal sources of inspiration I'd like to acknowledge here: Ashrael2's iron frenzy barb UntouchableOne, and MattIs' Grandfather-wielding titan frenzy barb AndreTheGiant. I'd played a sword wielding Warcry frenzy barb before, and the idea of stopping every couple of seconds to stun cows didn't appeal. So Destruction is built around the twin principals of massive defence and maximum damage.

In practice, he was almost indestructible and chewed up cows like a blender, resembling nothing quite as much as a slightly deranged carpenter. He could clear the cow level solo at players8 in about ten minutes, and he was far safer than my titan zealot paladin. The only cows he really feared were Cursed Blessed Aim bosses and Fanatical packs. He could also run Baal blazingly fast (especially since the static from the Schaeffer's could take Baal down to zero at players8). The two highlights of his treasure finding career were very appropriate: a Schaeffer's Hammer (given away to Phylogen) and the 37% ED / 15% IAS jewel he put in one of his hammers.

Level 99 Frenzy Barbarian


Strength: 495 (550)
Dexterity: 20 (**)
Vitality: 65 (144)
Energy: 10

Life: 2181 at level 99

Resists: 60 / 14 /86 / 14

Damage: 2172 - 5877 / 2059 - 5749

Attack rating: 8737
Defence rating: 19465


Frenzy 20 (26)
Mace Mastery 20 (28)
Iron Skin 20 (28)
Shout 20 (35 with echoing weapons)
Battle Orders 12 (27 with echoing weapons)

1 point in all the other usual suspects


Destruction's Schaeffer's Hammer (128% ED socketed with a 37% ED/15% IAS jewel)
Schaeffer's Hammer (121% ED socketed with a 28% ED / 15% IAS jewel)
Arreat's Face (socketed with a 16% Fire Resist / 15% IAS jewel)
Destruction's Arkaine's Valor (socketed with a 19% Fire Resist / 15% IAS jewel)
Thudergod's Vigor
War Traveler
Glyph Grasp crafted gloves (20% IAS, 2% life leech, 3% mana leech, 5% crushing blow)
The Cat's Eye
Bul Kathos' Wedding Band (4% life leech)

4 War Cry charms, 4 Mastery charms, small charms with either life and damage, or life and defence.

Might merc

Ethereal Crown of Thieves
Gladiator's Bane
289% Cruel War Pike socketed with 2 Shaels

I used a Defiance merc while questing - he pushed my defence over 25,000. I decided I wanted the extra damage more than the extra defence. Zanarhi's defence rating with Shout was 13,900 - enough to tank cows quite happily by himself..

Only two characters remain to get to 99: Despair the necromancer (currently 90) and Hern the druid (currently 89). As usual I'd like to thank Ryondaahl for keeping me motivated, D2Addict for hosting lots of cow games, and all the 1.09 regulars.



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CONGRATS MAN! :cheer: i hope you complete your quest soon so that you can put the game away for good ;) (yah right...)
Congrats on another one Chris.
Good luck with the other two, although I've seen the weapon your Druid will be using so it won't be too hard killing cows with him :D


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Wholly Molly IceBird! Gj! I wish my titan frenzier could come out that good, but 1.10 is the sux for him :(

I too would like to know a few details about your next 99 project.


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:clap: :thumbsup:

Great job. Good luck with the other couple of 1.09 lvl 99 builds. next you get to try 1.10 lvl 99 builds.


Congratulations, Chris!! :thumbsup:
good luck with the last two.

what are you going to do when you have 7/7?
Whoa....lvl char's barely make it to 90 before i resign them to MFing duties... :lol: congrats though

Isn't there someone on the SPF who is trying to do all 7 classes untwinked and HC?


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who exactly are the 1.09 "Regulars"

I have a couple of builds that were really fun in 1.09, and suck horribly in 1.10, so I would be very interested in playing some 1.09 with people.


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Congratulations Icebird! :drink: Sorry I missed the one that got you there.

Cinder - There is a pretty decent sized group that plays 1.09. I host a lot of them and there are some almost every week.

The normal 1.09 group is: (sorry if I miss anyone...)


Occasional visits from others as well too numerous to name.