Introducing: Destroyer Naked Natasha


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Introducing: Destroyer Naked Natasha

After numerous attempts at trying to get a Naked Necro through the game, I have decided to give a Sorceress a try.
Natasha as of an hour or so ago has just earned herself the title of “Destroyer”

Character name : Naked_Natasha
Character type : Hardcore Sorceress
Character level : 43
Character exp : 23721748

Strength : 10
Energy : 100
Dexterity : 25
Vitality : 160
Stat Points Rem : 0
Skill Points Rem: 0

Life : 402 / 402
Mana : 249 / 249
Stamina : 266 / 266

Mercenary: Zanarhi. Normal Defensive Merc wearing:

Sturdy Ancient Armor of Balance
Defense: 292
Durability: 60 of 60
Required Strength: 100
Required Level: 3
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 41
Fingerprint: 0x4a68e4fc
+25% Enhanced Defense
10% Faster Hit Recovery

Wraith Veil
Defense: 44
Durability: 46 of 50
Required Strength: 55
Required Level: 30
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 60
Fingerprint: 0xb11faafb
+17 to Life
10% Faster Hit Recovery
+2 to Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
10% Chance to cast Level 3 Charged Bolt when struck

Two-Hand Damage: 21 to 94
Durability: 13 of 13
Required Dexterity: 35
Required Strength: 50
Spear Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 41
Fingerprint: 0x430e81e3
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired), Socketed (2: 0 used)

Her Skills:

1 Ice Bolt
1 Frost Nova
1 Ice Blast
1 Glacial Spike
1 Blizzard
14 Frozen Orb
5 Cold Mastery
1 Telekinesis
1 Teleport
1 Fire Bolt
5 Warmth
1 Inferno
1 Blaze
1 Fire Ball
1 Fire Wall
9 Meteor
1 Fire Mastery

Natasha has been fun to play. She has been incredibly slow but fun at the same time. The 1st 30 levels were very tedious with her having to ice blast, glacial spike and punch her way through most of it with the help of her Rogue and then her Moron.
She has played almost all normal on players/5. Electing to go to players/1 for Baal and his minions for safety.
She will play as a meteorb Sorc with a few minor changes as you can see from the skills.
I’ve decided not to go with SF. I really don’t want to be that close to a boss to use it. She has a few more points in warmth to help her recovery rate as I’ve decided to go with a 100 Energy pool. This is slow at times but is working well. Her belt consits of either one full rejuv or a super healing and the other 3 slots for super mana and a cube full of rejuvs, reds and blues.
I’ve also decided to keep Zanarhi, her Normal Defensive Merc instead of going for a Holy Freeze. Her aura isn’t going to help Natasha but it will help to keep her Moron alive longer and especially in the case of a quick retreat for Natasha.
Natasha has adopted a hit and run approach, with Glacial Spike keyed for a quick freeze. It has saved her on many occasions and also helps to preserve her mana pool at the same time.

The same game rules apply to her as they did to my Necros.
No Save and exit to avoid Deeds.
No Town Portal hot keyed or placed in the belt.
Items may be muled off but not muled on, with the exception of gems and runes.
All quests and way points to be completed before going on to the next act.

Natasha is currently running Baal’s minions at players/5 gaining some more experience before heading off to Nightmare. That will more than likely be at level 45 or when the experience starts to really slow at players/5

I’ve gone a bit overboard with the screenshots this time Normal has seen some 60+ taken. All Act and Quest bosses were taken and a few extra are thrown in that I thought may be funny, including the demise of Black Hack Admittedly he was only in normal but to me a dead Black Hack regardless of what Act is a good Black Hack.

Some screenies here. I hope to get Natasha’s site up and running soon so you can look at her progress through Normal with the screenshots and a better story.

Defeated at last
Baal Drops

- Jas :howdy:


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congrats, I have a VERY hard time getting any character past baal, let alone a naked one. Good luck getting through the rest of the game, but with a merc like Zanahari, how hard can it be :p


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Congratulations on beating Normal "Naked". Good luck in Nightmare. Don't forget to keep us updated because this is really interesting. I don't think you went overboard with screenshots and I hope you put more in next time! :thumbsup:


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What's up with all naked characters lately? :) Nice achievement, now go and do nightmare!


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Wow, a naked Sorceress? The imagination runs wild. Congrats on your progress.

How far did your naked necro get to again? I'll have to give it a try.


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How far did your naked necro get to again? I'll have to give it a try.
Yes, give it a try, its fun :)

Ive had 4 attempts at Necro's. the first 2 died in Act 1 and 2 Hell iirc, the 3rd I lost through to a stolen computer and a ruined back-up disc and my last attempt through stupidy, deleted him because I found that he was carrying a item that I didn't see.
Natasha has gained a few more levels since my first post and is getting close to moving onto Nightmare. The scary thing in NM apart from -30 resists is anything that is Cold Enhanced that you don't see. If your too close and one explodes its probably "deeds" time which I forgot to add in Natasha's post. I only play HC.

- Jas :howdy:

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Nicely done Seige. I think that the sorc will have a much better chance at guardian than the necro but time will tell. Good luck!

MAAM (& Wifey :) )


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I have started Gymnasia, the naked amazon. In discussions in another thread, the amazon was commonly agreed on to be the hardest class to go naked (at least up to level 30). So of course I had to try...

I haven´t played that far yet, but the first hard part is done: getting a merc! :D

A sorcie has at least her Bolts (of three varieties) to help her do damage early on. Gymnasia ('gymnos' is greek for naked, I think) had to punch Blood Raven to death. With help only from level 1 Dodge, lvl 3 Inner Sight and lvl 1 Critical Strike. Pwnage...

I have been playing on /p1, but now that I have my rogue I might raise it a little. From act 2 onwards, it will be /p8 for quite a while.

My rules:
* Save & Exit to avoid death is forbidden.
* ATMA is allowed as an unlimited stash, but no muling on of items not found by Gymnasia.
* TP may have a hotkey, but there will be no scrolls in belt. I have to suffer the loooong amazon casting amination to bring one up.
* I may not skip or repeat any area or boss (as always).

Gymnasia is level 7 now. Her rogue is using a cSapphire + 2x cRuby Long Bow, a 3s Ring Mail (one cTopaz so far), and a 2s Helm.


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Seige, you are insane. (But that's a requirement around here, isn't it?) I agree with FB, the sorc is going to be a lot harder than the necro. All she has to hide behind is her merc, and with no faster cast and faster hit recovery. Good luck!

jiansonz said:
I have started Gymnasia, the naked amazon. In discussions in another thread, the amazon was commonly agreed on to be the hardest class to go naked (at least up to level 30). So of course I had to try...
:) Hopefully now my urge to try the naked 'zon will go away. (It's been in the back of my head ever since the above mentioned thread.) You have a lot better chance at making her work than I would, and I have to focus on my daggerzon.