Introducing: Destiny - Level 99 Titan Zealot Paladin (1.09)


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Introducing: Destiny - Level 99 Titan Zealot Paladin (1.09)

(Some people might notice this same post appearing in several different places...)

Destiny the paladin (1.09) reached level 99 yesterday in the company of the usual suspects: D2addict, Jbbto, Ryondaahl, Joutaja and Northstarzon. Three down, four to go.

Destiny was built with one thing in mind: maximum cow killing efficiency. JohnKStone wrote a cowadin guide recommending 400-ish strength for extra damage. So I thought "if you can make an all-strength barb, why not an all-strength paladin?". The end result was your ultimate glass cannon - kills fast, but dies quick too if you're not careful. Six deaths between 98 and 99 meant it took me closer to 400 million xp to reach the milestone than the listed 290 million. Fun character to play, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend going to the extremes I did (low blocking, low defence, low life).

Level 99 Titan Zealot Paladin


Fanatacism 20 (27)
Holy Freeze 20 (27)
Holy Shield 20 (22)
Charge 20 (22)
Zeal 11 (13)

On my way to Patriarch I used a Might merc, so the Holy Freeze was invaluable for improving my survival odds. It also gave me another aura for multi-paladin cow games. I chose Charge just for the large damage - I didn't use it much in practice. (1.10 Charge has completely spoiled the 1.09 Charge for me). For PI monsters, I switched to Conviction and Vengeance.


Unlike Dream and ClawsOfFury, Destiny had a very specific set of equipment that he wore for the entire game.

Destiny's Schaeffer's Hammer (122% ED) (socketed with Shael)
Guilliame's Face (socketed with 15% IAS jewel)
Shaftstop (socketed with 15% IAS jewel)
Destiny's Stormshield (socketed with 15% IAS jewel)
Thundergod's Vigor
Gore Riders
Glyph Grasp crafted gloves (20% IAS, 2% life leech, 3% mana leech, 5% crushing blow, 13 life)
Highlord's Wrath / Ravenfrost / Bul Kathos' Wedding Band

In the charm collection: 5 Offensive aura charms, 1 +11 max damage grand charms, and various +3 max damage Fine Small charms and Small Charms of Vita. The pride of the charm collection? A 3/17 Fine Small Charm of Vita. The large charm is a Sharp (+4 max) Charm of Strength.

I used a Holy Freeze for cow runs (thanks King's Spectre for the idea), my one concession to living longer versus doing more damage. Holy Freeze was pretty much essential, and flashing between HF and Fanatacism while using a Might merc was nerveracking to say the least. The merc was equipped with Vampire Gaze, Shaftstop and Ethereal Spire of Honour.

So putting that all together, Destiny had:

125% IAS - enough for a 4-frame Zeal
65% damage reduction
50% Crushing Blow
67% Deadly Strike

He did solo players8 cow runs in around 15 minutes. With a necromancer in the party, he was devastating no matter what the players setting was. He had to be careful of FE CE monsters - attacking an FE Snapchip for instance was a recipe for almost certain death. More life and more blocking probably would have made things easier, but then I wouldn't have a paladin with almost 600 strength (and I really would have like to find 3 more strength from somewhere).

Next up on the never-ending level 99 treadmill: the sorceress and the barbarian.



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Congratulations! :winner:

Reaching 99 with such a (relatively) fragile character must have been rather tough - although the damage output makes up for it, I'd guess.

Good luck with the remaining 4 characters! :clap:


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Congrats bud, that is a really nice build for 1.09 Cowing. JohnKStone would be proud (he just loved Titan builds). I wish he were still around he was the best at making those insane damage builds w/ extremely specific gear.


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Sincere: John still posts from time to time at SPTN. I think his latest project is mat'ing and pat'ing characters with every set, as a way to make getting runes from Hellforge quests more interesting.



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Nice work! When you finish the other four will you move on to 1.10? :thumbsup:


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wow, a lvl 99 pat with ~700 life, no block, and not even full pdr...

great job!


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Glass Cannon - WOW you aint kidding.
mucho 'grats to you on taking this build all the way up to the penthouse. :worship:


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Icebird said:
Sincere: John still posts from time to time at SPTN. I think his latest project is mat'ing and pat'ing characters with every set, as a way to make getting runes from Hellforge quests more interesting.

Well that is good to know, and that is just like him to still be so rune hungry :lol: Maybe I should finally post over at the SPTN, I am registered just haven't got around to actually saying hi.