introducing dearid


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introducing dearid

well, I have been lurking around spf for awhile now and I guess its time to be formal and write a proper introduction.

first, I hate this stuff :p so ill be doing this when im tired as hell and high on sugar. hopefully I wont freak out to much.

now. who am I?

Names Martin, I'm from sweden and living on a island called gotland where I'm studying gamedesign and programming.

and diablo? well I have been playing since it came out, but with very large brakes. my first char was a barbarian
called Chaldan. I succeded in getting to hell act 1 but no further, looking back att his skills and gear im suprised
at even that. I was throwing those points everywhere!

mostly I have been playing on but I started with SP about a year ago,
mostly cause of no internet and nothing to do. it stuck, you know how it is :p

favorites? well for a long time it has been necros, although I have tried a wast different sorts.
Recently I have been playing more and more with my sorcerers, feels a bit more involved teleing
around instead of moving behind a big wall of death.

other games? I have been known to waste my time in the wast universe of eve-online
and to fight in the arena of league of legends.

and RL? when im not wasting my time at the computers I can be seen working as a
bartender or wasting my time att boardgames or cardgames.
(no magic here, thats an awful game)

well, I guess thats if folks. have a nice day

In the name of Zod

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Re: introducing dearid

Hi Dearid,

Yeah, intros suck but yours was very good. When you say study GD, is that in uni or a personal time pursuit? Which languages have you taken a liking to or is it just a means to designing games?

Which board games have you or are you playing? Its nice to meet you. :wave: Btw, I'm in a similar boat (scripting, axis&allies, made a couple of non commerical card games and stuff), haven't made any money yet though.



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Re: introducing dearid

A bartender? We could use one of those in the EMB, people have sort of stopped giving out drinks lately.

*kicks shins again*

*and one more time to make sure*