Introduce myself


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Introduce myself

:D Hi... I'm a portuguese single player of diablo and i'm bad with english... :D I play diablo 2 for a some time and i've give it up for some times and now i'm back again. my objective this time is collect all the elite sets..Lets see if i can :D if someone want to help contact me... (and if is a kuttie girl better :D ) my e-mail is [email protected] And dont forget...
Not even death can save you from meeeeeeeeeeee.....


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Looking for Baal? :evil:

welcome to the forums, dont worry about the english, you'll pick it up

whats your favourite character class?


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Welcome to the asylum.

Enjoy your stay. Be kind to your fellow inmates.
Have a beverage at the EMB, it on me, M_D.

I spent a little time in the Azores and I remember exactly 0 Portuguese words.
So you're english rocks in my book. :thumbsup:

Bom dia, and...
Have fun out there!


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Hi there! this EU (cutie girl--sorry I'm taken) wishes to welcome you with this lovely basket of baked goods. Just don't feed them to the squid and watch out for the shin-kicking-but-well-meaning memebers of our forums.


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Ola pá. Fixe, mais um tuga no forum. :)
Neste momento somos exactamente 2 :D

Sorry about the lingo. Welcome SpeedOfLight.


Welcome to SPF. i'm another new member from Turkey. and not a cute girl i'm afraid (not a girl at all!)


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Muay Thai Warrior and SpeedOfLight: Are you having an identity crisis of some sort? You have the same IP. Why?