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Hello, posting an introductory message appears to be the right thing to do around here. So...

I'm still fairly new to D2, only one character past normal (lvl 78 javazon currently in Act 2 Hell, having er... fun.. with LIs). I have a bunch of characters at various stages in normal difficulty, and am enjoying every bit of it. I have been lurking the SPF for about a month now, generally find myself spending more time reading about the game than actually playing it :laugh:

I prefer to play SC, even though I tend to play cautiously. I mostly plan to play untwinked characters... exceptions are for runes (too hard to find...), item sets and helping out builds that really struggle without good equipment.

Looking forward to a good time!

**checks to make sure shin guards are in place**


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Welcome fellow nerdlinger!

Enjoy your time here. Good work on the Javazon, I never seem to have the patience to get a character past normal either.


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Hello :wave: and welcome to the SPF.

I'll let a more professional shinkicker get past those shinguards.

Read the stickies, be polite to the EU's and have a drink on me at the EMB. A few more personal details will get you more cookies from W_M (age, general geographical location, favourite build, sports?)

Again, welcome, enjoy yourself and enjoy yours stay. :thumbsup:

-Drystan :smiley:
Welcome, Cygnus!

Do I understand you're having problems with LIs in Act II? Are you a pure lightning javazon?

Enjoy your stay at the SPF. May all your drops be green and gold.

Fists of Legend

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Welcome to the forum.:wave: You brought your own shin guards, great. Let me do a quick check here.

*adds goalie shin pads and 12 inch concrete blocks to Cygnus's shin guards*

I know it makes them a little heavy but, it does add to the protection. Don't forget to read the stickies and watch out for the squid. What ever you do, don't give out any of the cookies that w_m give you in her goodie basket. Horde them all to yourself. Send anyone who wants them to the EMB to get their own.

Actually, stop by the EMB too and have a drink on me.


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Welcome, Cygnus!

Do I understand you're having problems with LIs in Act II? Are you a pure lightning javazon?
1-point Jab, some good old-fashioned javelin-throwing and 25% crushing blow when lightning doesn't work. Merc and level 21 valk do most of the damage. Boss packs take forever to kill, but otherwise, no problems so far.

I just traded my cold rogue for an HF merc, hopefully that will help things a bit.



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Doesn't look like even nebux can get through those shin guards, so I'm just gonna say the usual:
Stop by the bar
Tell w_m stuff for cookies
Have fun!


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Welcome! Here's your goodie basket of baked goods and squid repelant. Don't mind the shin kickers they mean well. Do read the SPF FAQs as we are a bit ~different~.

And as all these nice folks trying to get to know you pointed out, a little bit about you earns extra cookies, hit 12 factoids and I'll make it a baker's dozen.


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hi and welcome to the forum
like my new boots there realy good at doing this..
*kicks Cygnus shins*
(they have ignore targets shin pads. so it renders them totaly useless)
i also appolagise for the slowness of the shn kickers reaching you there was a tempory delay but now normal servise(spl) will be resumed