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Hey all, my name is RibGriller and I'm a Diablo II addict... You: Hey RibGriller... Me: Thanks, great to be here... I'm from Colododo, US. I'm an Electrical Engineering student/father of one (2 year old boy)/full-time worker. Been playin' for a few years now. My girlfriend salivates at the thought of breaking up all my Diablo CD's in half or fourths or sixteenths, etc.

I was thinkin' of a name for myself when I started thinking about the RibCracker, then I started thinking about grillin' up some ribs this weekend before winter hits. yummm...

Anyways, I must thank you all for "saving me" from duping. I looked for a few months for a three socketed armor for the Gloom RW for my Barb. Finally found a Diamond Mail (3 os), then I thought it would also be nice to use it for the Wealth RW. I had one chance to dupe it with two computers. I did it along with some shimmering small charms to help with resistances.

Started reading SPF, and felt dumb cause I soon downloaded ATMA, and started collecting socketed armor (which I now have coming out of my ears). Then I felt really dumb when I read a post that I could just find a four socketed armor, and put four pTopazes in it. Duh! So, I wasted a Ko, Lem. Not only that, but the Wealth was for my Summon/Poison hybrid, and I think it required 130 strength, or something -- big waste of stat points for him.

Now I can stash all socketables, uniques, and resistance charms in ATMA, and transfer them over to my new characters. No need to dupe anymore. I feel really bad about that now.:sad2:

However, I'm glad you all enlightened me, and now I can walk the path of the righteous player.:thumbsup:


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Welcome and enjoy.
Stickies -
Dool -
Search button is a life saver -

That should about do it...
Shin guards or cookies. You decide your fate.


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Thanks for the welcoming guys and Suiling.

@YoungDBL. What is Dool, and EMB? And I don't want sore shins, so I'll take the shin guards. I'd want them to be indestructible, if possible.

@Suiling -- Well, I don't graduate until December, but I'll let you know as soon as I actually get into the workforce.


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@Rib : Dool is the days of our lives board. Talk about your life.
EMB: The spf bar. Ot thread pretty much.
You kind of win bolth. W_M im sure will have cookies but just to let ya know my shin g's are ethereal so be easy with them :hang:

The stickies will explain any thing you need to know, And if they miss something just PM a member or a mod and im sure they will be glad to help.


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Hi :wave: and welcome to the SPF!

Do you intend to MP/trade, because I got the impression that you may have taint from the previous duping. It's much more fun without hacks/duping though. Those normal uniques are quite valuable for some time, and the EU's are just delightful when they drop!

Are you a HC'er or SC?

Again, Welcome and enjoy your stay! Beware the shin kickers and hopefully W_M has another basket of baked goodies. :) If not, there's a few cookies and fudge left over in the EMB! Have a drink on me as well. :thumbsup:


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@Young, I'll go easy on your shins if you go easy on mine. :)

@Drystan, I was considering trading for some stuff. For instance, I have three Frenziers (swords, axes, and clubs), and they all share the same pair of Dracul's (kind of a hassle to keep moving them around), yet I have three Andariel's that I'm not using.

I did delete these items and I used ATMA to make sure I didn't have more dupes (didn't need to because I didn't dupe much). I could print screen it if I need to prove it.

Also, I was honest about it, doesn't that count for something?


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welcome to the SPF
*kick RibGriller shin*
there are no cookies left for you, and don't even dare to touch my pile of cookies.

I didn't dupe much
what? you only dupe a little?


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I guess that wasn't the best way to put it. I duped the armor for the 3 sockets and 3 shimmering charms for resists. That's what I meant by "didn't dupe much". That's exactly what I did. Nothing more, nothing less. And, I did this before I even knew about SPF or ATMA, or I wouldn't have done it. It was just a pain to go running around -- at random cause I didn't know cows kicked out a lot of socketables at the time -- looking for one particular type of item.

As I said before, I ran around looking for at least 3 months to find the first one. And, at the time, I thought I would save another 3 months if I just copied it.

My main point is I didn't know that there would be future ramnifications in a community that I had no knowledge of.

I thought the truth would set me free...


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Personally I'm getting sick of seeing new members welcomed in this fashion. Everybody's made a mistake down the line in one way or another. I may not be the most welcoming of people who are known hackers or even dupers, but for so many people to react in this fashion to one person over such an incident is a little disheartening. Any matter regarding hacking or duping will be settled by the moderators, regardless of our opinions. Ergo, cut the new fellow some bloody slack and inform him in good nature of the SPF's policies regarding duping and the ramifications thereof.

RibGriller, having said that, welcome to the forum! My comrades and I do get a little hot under the collar about legitimacy, but at the end of the day, whatever occurs on your own machine is strictly your own business and you are free to do whatever you want. My suggestion would be that if you wish to trade with the SPF, you would need to do a little cleaning up. My biggest word of advice would be to start a new character and keep a new stash strictly for the new characters you begin from here. Keep all your older items separated from this new stash (and new characters), and I don't think people would have any problem trading with you.

It's just characters associated with duped items (the subject of "taint"), the items themselves and items found with characters using duped items that come into question.


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Sorry for the steal.
What? Is it me or are there no harsh comments? I was enquiring to clarify things for me, and I took Nebux's comment as a light hearted joke. I cannot see any malice in any response.
And this will be harsh, but it is not directed at anyone here, but a simple statment of the truth. There are always effects (cause/effects,) good or bad, even if you did not know. Ignorance is not an excuse in life. If one gets a speeding fine, the fact that one did not know the speed limit is no excuse. I hate it how this is the case in life, but it cannot be changed. :sad:

We do appreciate the honesty, and thank you for it, but it will be worked out sooner or later.


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Dear me, this is getting a bit heavy.

Back OT: Welcome to the forum, have a read of the stickies and make sure you get served promptly at the EMB. :wave:

(I think they're getting worked up over the sixth degree of taint issue. Copy of item, used on character who finds x, y, z. Many feel x, y and z should be deleted and the character killed a few times to remove the xp gain, or the character deleted. I am not going to comment, that's why we have moderators. May I suggest rather than the Spanish Inquisition, those with concerns PM either RibGriller or Cat/Hrus.)

Congratulations on finding ATMA; it makes being a packrat so much easier. I would recommend deciding on format for you stashes early on. Otherwise, you will have a lot of sorting to do.

Welcome again.


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Hi RibGriller, welcome to SPF!

I really appreciate that you have come here being honest about your past duping, and I understand that you want to clean your "legitness status". So let me help you with that (you have got a PM).
Sometimes the new members come here and try to hide that they have duped/kacked before and try to lie about that even if they realize how much we care about legitness.
You have + points for your honesty. :wink3:


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Thanks everybody Suiling, Psycho, Drystan, Thyiad for a little slack. I went home thinking that I would have to cancel this account the next day because of this. However, I don't have much time, I can only get on here M-F, and I came back to work just to check this.

You have a very valid point Drystan, although I think Hrus has an equally valid point that I could have just lied and/or hid it. Maybe this would be little less painful if I had. One of those necro skellies in my closet with its leg danglin' out the door. :)

Hrus: I'll get back with you on Monday when I've completed what you said to do, cause I really do wish to be "clean". And, if I couldn't trade I would feel like a second class citizen, and I won't go for that.

If anyone else has any comments, please let me know. I was kind of expecting a barage, anyhow. Thanks again...


Welcome you to be clean RibGriller.. i don't dupe, casue for me, duping 100 pgems is posible, but you will feel kinda.. cheating yourself.. Somewhere in your heart will keep telling you that you have lied to yourself..

I don't want this to happen to me.. So i play clean.



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WElcome! Here's your goodie basket (i too am only on M-F and I seem to have missed you) it has baked goods and squid repelant. I think you can figure out the former, the SPF FAQ will inform you of the need for the later.

Don't mind shin kicking, it's a good thing, (a way of saying "now that your disabled, spend more time with us or playing the game") and sadly, shin gaurds won't help. Let's see, you already earned your extra cookies... figured out the bar/endless daily... been breifed on the taint topic, I think that about covers it. Enjoy your stay here.


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@Suiling: You're way too kind. :smiley: And, I think you're right too. I didn't like the way it felt.

@Dr. Love: Thanks for the welcome.

@WaterMoon: Glad you made sure I had everything covered. Even if the shinguards don't help, I'll keep them for sentimental value anyways. :grin: