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Hiya, been playing D2 since LOD came out and I am still trying to grail (but they keep adding items). I played mostly on Bnet for the first few years but now RL became too invasive and I started losing chars online so I just let them all expire and started SP. I am playing 1.09 for now as I played most of my LOD days in 1.09 so I am most familiar with it and since I could I thought I would for awhile as I can always upgrade to 1.10 and/or 1.11 later (and I will, I keep drooling over some of the new items and runewords so it may be sooner rather than later). I am even building some of my chars with the upgrade in mind (counting on future synergies).

I don't use ATMA or any other programs but I do have 2 copies of D2LOD and I have a home network so I can run both copies and mule. It is time consuming but I don't mind and I am leery of programs that I didn't write (trojans and key loggers can be nasty). I am not exactly sure what you all mean by twinked but I am pretty sure that you would consider me a twinker as I find stuff with my sorcy and I give it to what ever char can use it. I probably won't trade here (not sure if you would let someone who didn't use ATMA anyway) as I don't agree/understand some of the strict policies you all use in trading (I can explain if you want but this is already very long). I don't hack or char edit or anything but I have issues with the logic I see being used in the trading/MPing/etc (most recently following the CoS and future Jantia ban).

I currently have a number of chars, I always like to switch things up and I love the just starting out period and so I start a bunch of chars and then build up the ones that become fun. Here's a quick list:

Sorcy--Luminaria--lvl 72-FO/Nova/TS--MF Meph runner ATM NM Meph because I have almost no gear and haven't hit ActIII yet in Hell. Eventually might run Hell cows if I am still in 1.09 as nova's can kill fast there and not fear killing the king.
Sorcy--Flame_Abyss--lvl 20--Firewall/FO
Sorcy--Fates_Fury--lvl 10--Blizzballer for 1.10 & beyond

Baba--Gorak_Kraal--lvl 46--S/S WW standard 1.09 build and my first Bnet char (and my first 99) so I am recreating him, probably end up an MF build with hork running Pindle, Shenk, Thresh, frozen tunnels and gold chests, etc.
Baba--Adamantite--lvl 24--Ironbarb/concentrate barb
Baba--Uthgar--lvl 28--Haven't decided but he uses mace class weapons, maybe go Frenzy
Baba--Axe_Reaver--lvl 9--Axe Frenzy barb
Baba--Gholds_Phule--lvl 6--S/S WW max GF barb

Pally--Phaeton--lvl 46--Fanatic Avenger my second Bnet char from 1.09 another remake
Pally--Tesla_shokadin--lvl 52--surprise surprise a Tesladin/shockadin no imagination with this name
Pally--Frozen_Light--lvl 26--Freezealot (built for 1.10 & beyond)
Pally--Shep_theHammer--lvl 18--Hammerdin, first one and I am not very good at aiming the hammers yet.

Zon--Shree--lvl 42--Bowazon (guided/multi) cowing and questing
Zon--FarDareisMai--lvl 12--LF Javazon for cowing in 1.09

Sin--Heart-Seeker--lvl 4--Trapsin

Necro--Necromikon--lvl 6--Future fishy

Druid--Ursaman--lvl 15--Werebear

In RL I have worked as a coder and as a finance guy and I prefer the coding but currently am not in a position to do it much except for fun. I am ancient for a gamer (although based on the recent age thread I am a little over average so not ancient). I stopped playing D2 for a couple years and got into AOE III, HOI2, BF2, and Civ IV but now I am back into D2. I still play the others some but not like the hours I put into D2. I have started a new grail and quest for 99 in 1.09 and then I will 99 another in 1.11 to compare. And if you can't tell I am very verbose.


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Welcome, Quizzart!

May all your MF runs drop uniques, and may all your characters reach 99.

Standard SP greeting having been said, turning to single player is a change you will never regret. Starting anew, and not needing a Harlequin crest, Enigma armour, ethereal breath of the dying, etc... is awesome. I'm currently taking a Barbarian through hell using only magic items he finds.

Good to see some of the old timers getting around. :p


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"Thanks for the welcomes. Glad to see my shins are still intact, heh"

yeah, right!



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Famous last words.

Welcome Quizzart! :wave:
You got off easy. Neumein needs to practice some more :grin:

Your goodie basket full of baked goods should be along shortly. Be nice to the EU's and read the sticky's. Some more should be added later. :)

Welcome and enjoy your stay.

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Welcome to the SPF.

I know you have doubts about ATMA - so did I when I joined, but it's been used here for 3+ years and been very well tested.

Believe me, if there had been a problem with it Rushster, Elly and Gaile (admin, or ex admin) would have Banned Hakai_no_Tenshi.

As it is, when it first came out there was a huge split in the SPF and a few of the originals left to join another place. However that was early in 2003 andthe programme has stood the test of time and is now hosted by

You can find it @

All the best



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iv told you b4 neumein shon kicking is my job *kicks neumein shins*

rite now for my offical dutties welcome to the spf enjoy your stay and stop by the bar sometime its alwasy nice to see new faces in there(thats if your nutty enought :p)

*kicks Quizzart shins*
boots have smash all defence meaning your shin gaurds are in litle bits


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Welcome! Here's your goodie basket of baked goods and squid repelant. Don't mind the shin kickers they mean well. Don't worry 'bout the not trading here, fewer people do it than you think. Hmmm, that was a nice long and informative intro, so you get your extra cookies and a nice soda in the EMB on me to boot, as soon as you'e read all the SPF FAQs and know what an EU is.