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Howdy folks:
My name is Francesco Rizzo,i'm 20 and i live in Italy.
I'm Italian American:My mother is american and so am i, i've lived in the Us for a few years in Syracuse,NY.
I now live in Italy and go to college, i just started to get back into D2X: last time i played it was in v 1.07...
so i ran out of thing to say... well i'm newcomer obviously and i hope that u people will understand that... i might post ridiculous offers: truth is i was nerver really good at trading.
Thx y'all 4 listening


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Heya and welcome to the Single Player Forum.

Don't be shy to make trade offers, we are here to help and there are many of us that steps in if someone is being ripped off in a trade. We are a really nice community you know ;)

Hope you have a great time here.
Welcome Rizzo (that could get confusing when rizzo logs on, i'll call you france i think)
Plese enjoy your stay, read the faqs, have some beer at the bar and a damn good shin kicking.
*kicks france in the shins and TP's out before WM see's, leaving a note that said 'it was solo, not me who did this!'*


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Welcome to the Single Player Forum...erhm Rizzo 2. Hope you enjoy your stay. 1.07 you say, you've been gone for a long while, welcome back.

Crazy Runner Guy

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I retract my welcome until Krem gives this guy the go ahead to trade in the SP Trade Forum.

Mein list of needs (locked by Krem)

wow (posted after Krem locked original, which again, Krem locked)


Kaptain_Insano said:
Good investigating CRG. I had no idea.
@Kaptain: Meh, I just linked a couple of threads. Lemming gets the credit here.