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Just letting people know who I am

I posted earlier today and someone said I should at least give a brief intro of myself. I am actually an old player of Diablo II, but stepped away from the game for a while. Now that Sacred is coming out, I decided to go back into Diablo mode just to get in some practice, but I have forgotten a lot about the game and strategies. Also, I always played with a sorceress before and now I am trying a paladin, so in that sense, it is all new.

I am a grad student who should be working on his dissertation, but hey, what can I say, I am addicted. :worship:



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hey there, welcome to SPF, make sure to chek stickies and also dont miss whats written on top of the page, if anything goes wrong blaim Durf other than that, have fun and drop by in EMB


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welcome :clap:

have fun with the pallie - they can be a blast!

Where do you live? Are you married or dating? what is your favorite color?

Feel free to post games in the MP thread if you want some help - or just company. I got a fire bear ready for Durell, so if you play around 9:30pm Central (USA) time, I'll be there.



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Welcome to the forums!

Good choice with the Paladin. I don't think there is a more well-rounded player in the game. I would highly recommend reading some of the guides as they can keep you from handicapping yourself for later levels of the game.

If you twink, I'd be happy to donate some low-level Paladin gear to make your journey more enjoyable!

Let me know.


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Welcome to the SPF...and d2 is a perfect 'therapy' relief when working on a dissertation...purely for medicinal purposes, of course.

Enjoy your stay here. :thumbsup:


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Welcome. I too should be working on my dissertation. Please don't tell my fiancee. Have a cold one on me :drink: