Intro to the spf


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Intro to the spf

Hey all spfers!

Ive wanted for a long time have a stable single player char. So, a month ago or so i started my first sp char in a long time, mostly because my internet wasnt feeling well. It was, originally enough, a summon necro. Just today i got to hell and all seems good. So i thought it would be a nice spot to introduce myself.

Im a 23 year old guy from Finland. Im a semi student, as in i am studying at Helsinki University of Technology but im having some motivation problems, so im taking a year off. Enough of that, it always gets me down...
Living in the suburbs with my grlfriend and our three cats and 70 fishes... shes into aquariums and stuff. We've been together for almost 7 1/2 years, which is quite much for a 23 year old.

Been playing D2 for a while now, not as much as the real veterans tho. I played back in 1.09 some and stopped when 1.10 came out (didnt really like it, wonder why?) and started again in the beginningish of last ladder.
I still have my online chars, and they are very much in use. Main chars being a pvp fury/rabies and a pvm/mf lightsorc.

So yea, i have lvl 68 summon necro in hell atm in sp and planning on getting some twink stuff to my future sorc. I use both the RRM and RWM. Already got tals orb on my way to countess. :thumbsup: But havent been able to pick up an amu with any necro skills yet.
Off to harvesting the pits it is.



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welcome to the forum, hope you find many ace items with your summon necro. you mite want to cheak out the pvp thread sometime if you ever fancy a duel.

oh and see you in hell(how else do you comlete the game :p)


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Welcome! her'es your goodie basket of baked goods and squid repelant. Don't mind the shin kickers, they mean well. You had a nice full intro so you get and nice big batch of extra cookies (are they working?! we seem to be getting such long lovely intros latly)

Anyway, read the SPF FAQs, stop by the DooL (depository of wisdom) and the EMB (depository of booze and cookies) and be nice to EUs, that about covers it.


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I might check out the pvp thingy. Just need to get my sorc up and going first. The rules seemed nice for a fury/rabies druid. Just need to figure out a weapon since grief or botd might not come around the corner :laugh: Anyways, putting that aside for now. First things first.


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welcome fellow diablo slayer.

as said, but can not be said enough, read the FAQ and all the rules.

Side note: if you are going to trade and such to get your mf chars going, beware anyone that thinks superior charms are normal :smiley:

have fun and good gaming.


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nice to see someone from druid forum here in SPF. welcome :smiley:. I'm hoping for some wolf vs wolf duels sometimes