Intro thread


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Intro thread

Finally I am posting one of these I guess because I was asked to by the mod. From what I hear its sort of tradition or something I don't really know; and probably never would have done it. Any who:
Forum name: readytorches
RL name: Cody
Characters: Torches- 86 hammy pal
Furyan: 30- fury
Torent- barb dude....... barb

Why I play: this game is the most addictive game I have ever played.

Goals: have some decent fun

Other games I play: MW2, Halo, Tactics, and halo wars. I'm third prestige in MW2 and play decently sparingly, its only recently I've started to level back up. In halo I have a 50 however I do not play anymore cause that multiplayer is broken, same with MW2 but its easier. In Halo wars I am a O.G as in a original general back when cap was 3mil exp, now for general its only 960k. In Tactics I am the guild leader of Siege and am in the hall of fame for having won the most solo duels and Grand wars.

D2 related: I do alot on bnet, I have 2 cd keys and two computers; yeah I spend quite a bit of time. My bnet frenzy barb can ubber by himself, as well as my zealer. In Pvp I tend to roll more towards a whirly barb and some times vindicator. I've played for several years and still have not done everything because I haven't had a need for it, the Sp characters I have are about 1.3 years old before my recent playing. If I play d2 to long I start rushing my own characters.

Intrests: I love being outside and everyday around 7-8pm me and my friends Play soccer at a park next to a school. I have a girl friend and split time to spend with her as well; sometimes we play games together because we play the same ones as each other; she also lives down the street.

This intro has been months coming Happy Milb? xD

I joined cause I wanted to get in on some sp mp.
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Re: Intro thread

Worst intro ever ;)

Give us some more info, why do you play, your goals, how long you have played etc.

Real life interests and whatnot also welcome as there are real people behind the avatars.

Also, welcome to the SPF :)


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Re: Intro thread

Sorry... but Torches reminds me of Toonces the Driving Cat. Dunno why, but I just get the impression you're going to drive off the cliff any minute now.

In the name of Zod

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Re: Intro thread

Nice intro, and greets. Hope to see you in a mp game soon if our times meet up. Noticed your other posts, you do a bit of running too I gather. Good to meet you ReadyTorches.