intro thread


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intro thread

Uggg diablo sucked me in again! i thoguth i was out but oh no.. i thought lurking around the forums would ease the pain but it got the itch going again, BUt after doing tech support jobs for Apple and for Dell ( not at the same time, did apple for a year then dell for 5 months) i decidedit was time to go back to college to a accounting program that requires a makes perfect sense to reinstall diablo, something about school always adds to the need to play diablo... i don't know why but it does. So i'm currently 24 been playing off and on for a while now on realm and SP, and i think i'm happy with SP since i can play anywhere Hahahaha ( i hope i don't fail) anyways i installed RWM and RRM but i don't know if they are working since i am lvl 8 or so, but if they arn't working then my goal will be to fix em! but i don't think that will be an issue for a week or so ( right i'm sure its more likely to be a day or so but i don't want to think about the hours i will waste/enjoy)

looking forward to maybe doing some multiplayer games and/or lurking around, heck i might even post in a discussion on occasion, hopefully

i'm starting off making a pally and for some reason i have never used Fanaticism before soo i think i'll do something with that, what? not quite sure yet, but it will be something thats half decent/ slow killing!


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welcome to the SPF!
until you start yor pally , i jst...
*kick zenithsmith shin*
a fanazealot has good killing speed, just that i don't like paladins vey much


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Hi welcome to SPF. Enjoy your time here.

Zealots kill as quickly as their weapon is good. Untwinked it's not easy to get a very good weapon, but with RWM, I guess you can make some good runewords from semi-rare runes.

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Welcome to the forum.:wave: Sorry I didn't make it in time to give you my old shin guards. Dang work. Hope the shins don't hurt to bad. Don't forget to read the stickies and keep an eye out for the squid. I thought I spotted him this morning. W_m is been visited by her mom this week so the goodie basket may be a while in getting to you. To get squid repellent and some cookies early, stop by the EMB.

Oh, and while there, have a beer on me.


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I was so confused! You said you were "currently 24" so I decided you had a level 24 SP character on the go and wondered what type it was. Then you said you only had a level 8 character and I was thinking "but he just said he was level 24!" boy, my brain works slow in the morning!

Welcome back to D2! Enjoy your stay, but don't play too much that it effect your homeowork. Personly I like to use D2 as a reward. If I get all this homework/reading done then I can play Diablo 2. I get stuff done quickly this way!

You like accounting? My mother is an accountant (CGA) and my brother is currently training to be one also. I had to take a first year accounting class last year at my college. It was semi interesting but I think very basic in comparison. Debits, Credits, Whats that equation "something" = "something" + Owners Equity. Its impressive how much I've forgotten actually!

Oh, and if you are currently level 8 then you will know if RRM works very soon, when you kill the norm countess and she gives you a vex... no wait... 2 El's and a Townportal scroll.



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Getting your shins kicked is like your rite of passage. Everyone who's a newbie around here gets their shins kicked. Just put a little IcyHot on there and you'll be good in no time. :wink3: