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Intro Post


After some time lurking and repeated digs from a certain person (G&S MAAM), I have decided to do an intro post.

I have been playing DiabloII and exp since there release mainly single player, with some LAN gaming MP sessions.

With a never a Hell character, 1.10 respawned my interest and in result I now have two MAT/PAT's with a WindDruid soon to join them.

Mat Thitia (Level 89 BlizzSorc, my MF'er)
Pat Greenman (Level 84 Skelemancer)

Currently working on Bruiser a fist-bashing Titan Barb with no weapon, Bash primary attack, twinked. Not sure how this will go, time will tell

I would like to thank all members of the forum for their guides, posts and such, which have answered many a question for me.

I live in Greymouth, NZ


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Welcome, ignore FB, and enjoy this goodie basket of cookies and squid replent. Tell us more about the man behind the pat/mat and join us over at the EMB
ps. don't forget to check the stickes, esp the tourney thread... now there's some real fun.


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welcome to the SPF !!! remember its kinda like 7/11. the threads may not always be open, but their always doing busuness.

cheers, C.T.

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a) Traded me a Ravenfrost for a Homonculus (admittedly at my suggestion when I was a noob (and he was too) but still!!)
b) Finally gave me my wedding present one day before my 3rd wedding anniversary (albeit that it was a very nice and well-made gaming table).

How can you trust a man so thoroughly lacking in morals !?!?!?!

On a brighter note he is actually a very nice fellow so be nice to him and keep his kicking to a minor hospitalisation. Wifey and I owe he and his family a vast debt for his many small (and major) kindnesses and assistances.

So welcome at last lurker and I'm ready to reverse that trade anytime you feel ready :D .



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Sounds like he'll get along fine here. We like dastardly people. Welcome to the forums, BennB! And always remember: ignore Farting Bob, no matter how much he tries. If you don't, the universe may implode, and that would be terrible.



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Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay.

Good luck with your barb...A weaponless titanbarb...hmm I give you till around Hell act 1 before getting your ass kicked:)
Ahh poop, seems i got her too late and he's well protected.
But did you see this coming *kicks BennB in the calves, bypassing his strong shin protection*
Mwhahahaha! nothing is safe from me!
*teleports out in a cloud of smoke*