Intro + more!


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Intro + more!

Hey SPFers!

I've been hangin around the SPF for some time now, reading all the posts, and gettin tips on builds. I used to play b-net but now am exclusively playing SP. Anyways, my first Pat - Mr. Jones the fishymancer (TY NightFish :worship: ) inspired me to sign up and finally start posting here. Now I'm not the smartest one when it comes to D2 so i might not be able to post too many answers, but I will stop by with some questions and such now and then.

Anyways, hope you all have a good day!



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farting bob said:
do you have info on your pat, lvl, equiptment, skills/stats etc?

oops, forgot to post it :innocent:

Mr. Jones - Fishymancer lvl 82

Stats - after equipment:

str-97 (c'mon skullders)
dex- 170
vit- 233
eng- 73

Skills - after equip:

Raise skeleton- 29
Skel. Mastery- 29
Revive- 12
Fire Golem- 13
Summon res.- 14
CE- 22
Decrep- 7
Amp Damage- 6

wep1: magical wand w/ 3 to summoning and 2 to decrep
shield1: rare head w/ +1 necro skills, fire res. 28, +1 CE and Decrep
Wep2: dual IST ali-baba (thank you hellforge)
shield2: "Rhyme" Tower Shield
Helm: PTopaz Rare corona w/ +2 summoning, 28 life
Armour: PTopaz Vipermagi (29 res)
Gloves: 34% Chancies
Rings: Perf Nagel and magical 28% MF
Boots: Magical 31% MF
Amulet: Rare +2 summoning, 31 MF

Charms: random res charms and some Mf Sc's, nothing special

Merc - Lvl. 82 - Mizan, A2 NM Might Merc

Wep: Pierre Tombale Couant (amn)
Armor: Hwannin's Refuge
Helm: Ethereal Blackhorn's Face

I think thats it, not too spectacular, tell me if i missed any info.


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Welcome. There should definately be people scouting, freeing them, like Morpheus freeing people from the Matrix. Those poor people on the Realms...


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Welcome to the SPF! I used to be stuck on the realms. I think all of us here were at one time.

I wonder if my accounts are still there :scratch:


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just wondering why you guys think playing on the realm is so bad, not saying anything bad about SPF just wondering.

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I left the realms because of immaturity and a lack of civilization. When every insult has something to do with a person's sexuality, or their mother, or how long they've been playing the game. It took the good part about MP gaming and ground it into the dust. Plus many times on I've seen the things Blizzard tries to do to keep real fans interested ruined. I can recall seeing a level 14 in Hell on day 3 of the ladder. That kind of determination to defeat the logical aspect of the game is just jaw-dropping.

So I chose to remove myself from that environment. I'm sure there are a lot of decent people who play on, I just couldn't find any.


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Greetings, Pb_Pal, and welcome to our forum. Since you have lurked for a while, I probably don't have to remind you to read the FAQs and behave in front of our elite uniques. However, I will congratulate you on your Patriarch.

If you want to celebrate, you can drop by at the EMB - your first drink's on me. :drink:

Enjoy your time here.


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Great work on the pat! :clap:

And even better job seeing the light and going SP! Welcome! :howdy: