Intro and Questions

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Intro and Questions

Hi all. I've been lurking for a while. I've been a DII player since it came out. I don't play b-net anymore because of all the BS one tends to encounter. SP is the way to go. What else can I tell you about me: I'm a grad student, I work, and I love playing video games.

My first 1.10 pat will be arriving shortly. He's a fishymancer named SkeletonsOfDoom. He rocks the game fairly easily. He just needs to complete Hell acts 3, 4 and 5.
Got delayed by finals week and term papers.

My question is: I've looked at the guides, and I noticed that druids can cast geddon in shifted form. I was thinking about making a grizzly bear or wolf that uses geddon. Are there any guides for that? If you have any experience playing that type of char, what are some good items?

*kicks Derek's shins*
ahh, druid fan! druids are teh suxx0r. Anyway, i dont play Druids, but many people do. Im pretty sure Hybrid elemental furballs have been taken through hell, but i expect there quite difficult.


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Welcome! Tell us more about yourself. Ignore FB, that's just his way of saying "nice to meet you" Enjoy this goodie basket of cookies and squid repelant, stop by the EMB &/or DooL and enjoy a drink &/or RL talk.
Oh, and I just know they can transform and cast it. Corax is our resident druid freak, I'm sure he'll be along once he can stop gloating about that lvl 69 'sin conquor who mistook Wirt's leg for a claw......


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Hello and welcome to the SPF:)

Your best bet is probably a Fire Claws/Armageddon bear since Fire Claws and Armageddon share some synergies. You'll probably be a bit of a glass cannon because it's going to take a lot of points to get some good fire damage going, which leaves less for Lycanthropy and Werebear. The most important thing is getting a very fast weapon. With Druids the most important thing is Increased Attack Speed on the weapon itself, other sources of IAS (gloves, jewels, etc) don't really help all that much. There's an excellent calculator in the druid forum that will help you a lot!


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Welcome to the SPF!
Beware though: "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave" ;)


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bill_n_opus said:
Welcome to teh SPF. I actually had to spell "teh" over again. Darn my good spelling.

wouldnt that mean your a bad speeler, if you meant to spell teh? :D

welcome to the forums and hooray for druidfandom. druids > all. end of story

Geddon bears are the way to go as you can use shockwave to render most enemies stunned and harmless. GG druidness +1 :D


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SPF ni yôkoso (welcome to the SPF :)).
I've been playing a Bear/geddon druid for some time, you can see him here:
Anyway, good luck to your druid, may your finds be green and gold, and give a peek in the EMB later.