Intro and Mat thread


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Hello, I used to lurk around these forums a while back and i recently decided to re-start my diablo sp career, I decided to go with a full re-start, as going into my old ATMA stashes and char files I would just get bored faster because i had some pretty good stuff around there. Anyways i started off making a javazon which is level 68 and farmed meph for a bit then i decided ok ill go back to a blizz sorc and so i now have Cinder the great blizzard sorc (i know).

Cinder was a little confused as she started being a meteorb sorc but when she got into hell territory she saw how weak she was against some of the bosses and was at ache because all her life she just wanted to master the fire magic. So after a deep talk with Cain she decided to switch her main focus into the cold magic. She ran almost past every monster and tele'd away rushing herself to fight the prime evils and farm the brothers for the best of items so she could go to a place called Lower Kurast and then begin her quest for the very rare runes she had heard so many people talk about. She managed to kill baal at level 70 it was an intense fight, which ended with nothing but yellow items on the ground which made her kind of frustrated for some reason.

After a good while hunting pindle and meph she now has gear to find items freely and is now starting her long quest to find runes. But might still do more pindle runs as she really wants to one day be a lightning master and is missing some core items.

Anyways she is now level 87 almost ** and farming hell like theres no tomorrow.

Str: 156 base (hate twinking gear on)
Dex: Base
Vit: All else
NRG: Base

20 Ice bolt
20 Ice Blast
20 glacial Spike
20 Blizzard
10 Cold mastery (so far) not sure if to go with FO for ice blast damage (any insight?)
1 warmth
1 Tele
1 Static

The gear: So this is the gear she is wearing now, most the items were found in the past week

Helm: Ptopaz shako (fav item ever)
Amulet: Telling of beads (nothing better)
Armor: Skulders (no pgem yet)
Weapon: Occy
Shield: 35fcr spirit (first roll)
Switch: Spirit weapon and rhyme (no alibaba yet)
Gloves: 33 Chancies
Rings: 24 nagel and 30 nagel
Belt: Gold wrap
Boots: 43 War travs

Charms: gheeds 25%
and noticeable charms SC 17 mana 15 life, SC 5 res, SC 15 life 8 mana

Eth cyptic axe insight and i rolled a 17 med aura
Duriels Shell

Noticeable Drops:
She got a pul and mal from HF and found another Pul from meph

As far as items she has found a lot of stuff like stormshields, GA's, Tstrokes (like usefull mid-end items) way to many normal uniques from pindle and meph

She managed to get an arachs pretty soon of meph and a very nice rare circlet with 20fcr 2+ sorc and some res (no socket)

But these 3 take the prize

Mang Song's Lesson
Archon Staff
Two-Hand Damage: 83 to 99
Durability: 20 of 26
Required Strength: 34
Required Level: 82
Staff Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0x36b24cf5
Regenerate Mana 10%
30% Faster Cast Rate
150% Damage to Undead
+5 to All Skill Levels
-10% to Enemy Fire Resistance
-7% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
-9% to Enemy Cold Resistance

The Stone of Jordan
Required Level: 29
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0x4290c8ae
+20 to Mana
Adds 1-12 lightning damage
Increase Maximum Mana 25%
+1 to All Skill Levels

Kira's Guardian
Defense: 168
Durability: 12 of 25
Required Level: 77
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x1650b01e
+118 Defense
All Resistances +63
20% Faster Hit Recovery
Cannot Be Frozen

In conclusion i think this is the most i have enjoyed a game in a while im very happy i decided to play SP again, D3 and other new games were just not cutting it for me anymore. I had a great time getting the javazon leveled to 68 and now with the sorc i have enjoyed farming all day getting items, i have gotten very lucky with my drops which is not of me so im just going with it. I had forgotten how much i loved this game. I hope to be writing up soon in the item find thread with some nice runes from LK.

Thanks for anyone that took their time to read this and good luck. :D


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Hi and welcome to the forums!

You have managed to put a nice sorc together there!

May your drops be golden, green and especially orange in the future :)


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Late to the party, but welcome, and grats !!! Finding Mang's and SoJ definitely is a very good start !!!


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Welcome to the SPF What a start, an SoJ already. Some find a HR in the latest patch before finding one of those