Intro (again)


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Intro (again)

Puahaha, I posted this in the wrong forum section, how smart of me. Here it is again ^^.

"Hey SP players.
I've decided to stick with SP from now on after playing several years of Battle Net. The bots, hacks, dupes, and some of the players have really gotten to me, and I like the idea of a trusted and close community of single players. =]

Some random info about myself (mainly stolen from the SP FAQ ^^):
Name: Rob
Age: 17
Location: Pennsylvania (USEast)
Other Interests:
I recently bought a PSP along with Lumines and Metal Gear Acid, quite addicted I might add.

Used to play Counter-Strike 1.6 in CAL-Main for those familier with the online leagues.

I love art and anime, and work with Photoshop and the likes. Currently, i'm watching Bleach, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and Naruto.

I <3 bubble tea and Vietnamese noodles.

D2 Experiance: As I said before, i've played Diablo for years now, and the online experiance has really deteriorated, though finding a group of good players to play with is truely amazing. My very first character was Diablo II 1.03 bow Amazon (level 70-ish), my last being a 1.10 wind Druid (level 89). I enjoy all characters, as they all bring a different experiance and perspective to the game. It is amazing how lost you can be in fantasy when playing Diablo and roleplaying as your character ^^. I prefer softcore myself, due to the fact that often i'm multitasking and find myself dead very quickly ^///^.

Things that I shouldn't post:
I'm tempted to post something, meh. I'll just keep my jokes and sarcasm to myself. =]

Well that's about it. I'm looking foward to getting to know you guys. You can messege me using AIM to irsFi. Lates.



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Welcome to the SPF!

I haven't watched much Anime apart from the standard Ghost in the Shell etc. I do have a Ninja Scroll DVD. Great movie.


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Hey, welcome to the SPF!

Do you really need that other account that only has one post? I can ban it for you, you know. In fact, unless you have a good reason why I should not, that's exactly what I shall do. Cheers!


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welcome! great to meet you.

i started an account on the Realms and only got as far as finishing normal with 1 char before i gave up and came back to SP. i hated the rushing, people snatching items and the lack of /players command cos i eventually started making my own private games to do my questing :rolleyes:

anyway, have a welcome :drink: and make yourself at home

:) matt


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Hey welcome!

@supermatt: I feel great when playing with friends and, after killing some boss, the items stay there without no one getting them.

- Hey, niceeee a Shako!!!
- Cmon, make an screenshot!


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Welcome to the SPF, and enjoy your stay. Don't keep your jokes to yourself! If everyone did that this would be a rather dull place:)


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Your mother's so fat, that when she jumped for joy...she got stuck!

Puahaha, thanks for welcome!


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Welcome to the SPF, rsf! Hope you have fun here! And as someone pointed out, isn't the casual SP atmosphere great, compared to the 'who's faster with clicking the boss when the items fall' atmosphere that B.Net has become?


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[grunts in pain]

Evil! [goes super saiyen 500 and shoots numerous spheres of energy out of no where at "farting bob"]

Finally, hack free and bot free! [breathes sigh of relief]
rsFdii said:
[grunts in pain]

Evil! [goes super saiyen 500 and shoots numerous spheres of energy out of no where at "farting bob"]

Finally, hack free and bot free! [breathes sigh of relief]
Thou does not retaliate against thy self!
*summons an army of BotD weilding diablo clones and gives rsFdii a isenhearts case and a cracked club to fend them off.*
*easts popcorn and enjoys the sacrificing of rsFdii*
Ahh! :eek:
Wait a minute, i can mind blast it! its not a super unqiue (according do arreat summit its listed under normal monsters)
*converts the Reizarfg and tells to go kill rsFdii*


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You really are determined.

You have forced me to use my ultimate power.



|=..->....->............ ->.......-|-

rsFdii...........................farting bob
You've never seen my HC pyschic hammer sin in action have you?
*using the most useless skill in the game (other than increased stamina) FB sends rsFdii into knockback animation and pins him aaginst a wall, where is is (very) slowly killed with the power of FB'd Mind.*
There is no escape from a max FCR p hammer sin!