Intoducing Matriarch Sniper: The Pure Bowazon

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Intoducing Matriarch Sniper: The Pure Bowazon

v1.10 Pat/Mat #6 for me just killed hell baal a few minutes ago. I'll cut to the chase, so here's some stats:

STR: 134
DEX: 193
VITA: 201
NRG: what's that?

Life: 1178
Mana: 178

Fire: 29
Cold: 48
Lightning: 73
Poison: -6

Penetrate: 20
Valk: 20 (2500 life :D)
Strafe: 20
Pierce: 5
D/A/E: 4 each
Decoy: 4 (synergie with valk)
Critical Strike: 4 (48%)
Freezing Arrow: 1 (Added in the high 70's as a untility)

AR: 9077
Def: 1075 (super low...)


Upgraded Goldstrike Arch
244% ED, 34-233 dmg
122% AR
128% dmg v. demons
191% dmg v. Undead
socketed with shael
Duriel's Shell /w 15% IAS jewel
Tal's Horadric Crest /w 61 AR, 15% IAS jewel
Angelic Halo
Angelic Wings

Rare 6% LL, 11/11/11/18 res all, 14 dex ring
8/11 String of Ears
Perfect (25/25) Res Natalya's Soul

these gloves
Bone Finger
Chain Gloves
Defense: 9
Durability: 16 of 16
Required Strength: 25
Required Level: 57
Item Version: Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x452e1b12
Fire Resist +13%
Lightning Resist +19%
Attacker Takes Damage of 6
20% Increased Attack Speed
5% Chance to cast Level 4 Frost Nova when struck
14% Chance to cast Level 5 Charged Bolt when struck

Strafe Dmg: 153-1048 with might merc, no poison and very little elemental dmg

inventory full of individual res charms, mostly lighting and fire

Act 2 Offensive (Might)
Reaper's Toll
7/6/16 Gampire Gaze
Black Hades, Clean

And now for the story...

This was an amazingly fun character to play, except for Baal, which I will discuss later. The basic premise of this character was to get a high damaging bow to fire as fast as possible. I wasn't too concerned with the first shot, but I wanted to get the strafe shots down to 2 fpa (frames per arrow) With the goldstrike, which has 50% inherent IAS on it, I accomplished that. With the shael, two IAS jewels and gloves, I hit the 120% IAS breakpoint for a Hydra bow, which yields a 9/2 strafe speed. Rediculuously fast. 10 arrows (max) go out in 27 frames (1.08 seconds) and 7 (minimum) take only 21 frames to discharge (.86 seconds)

This build leveled very fast all the way through NM. Once I hit 46 from norm baal and equipped the Goldstrike, it was smooth sailing until Hell Baal.

She MP'd most of hell (act 2-4 and 5 to arreat plateau WP). With my setup, I could have done that myself at the cost of additional time. Thanks to all who played in the game a few nights back!

The rest of hell act 5 I vowed not to continue until I had KB. Until that point, I had been in a large party and other people tanked besides my merc/valk/decoy. Once I started solo in the Crystalinne passage, I realized KB is NECESSARY to solo hell.

The first big battle was with the ancients. I re-rolled them three times on account of the FE bug, and the fourth one, while not great, didnt' have the bug.

My merc died quite quickly, but by then the leaper was almost dead, so I continued the fight on the lower corner of the Summit. I used the pillars to fire my 7 arrows at only one ancient at a time, and Korlic was the second to go down after a long time. Then I pushed Mawdawc into a corner and with inner sight and Slow missiles, he died eventually, even though he was Stone Skin.

Getting to the Throne room was quite easy, except for I drew the absolute worst map for worldstone 2. The stairs and WP are on the complete opposite sides of the map. WSK 3 was fast, and then came Baal.

My merc died at least 3 times to Achmel (2nd wave) due to his lighting, him being decrepped and massive poison.

He died again once or twice on Bartuc due to his HF aura.

He survived the fourth wave!

Lister was trouble though. I wasn't that he had horrible mods, its just that the decrep didn't go off that much and he got pounded. I didn't park him, but I did need to revive him a couple times.

Baal was a nightmare though....

If you notice my gear above, I have 0% CB, 0% OW, no Prevent Monster Heal and 0% Deadly Strike, including on my merc. Thus, I emptied at least 600 arrows in the demon (i even switched back to Laying of Hands) and THEN he died, about 20 minutes later. You would think I would have learned my lesson by using a CBmancer to run Baal (70% CB on merc, 50% on 'mancer). But no. I just stood there and shot at Baal. I eventually got smart and bought a flamberge of Vileness (PMH), and wacked him with it. Baal duplicated himself twice, and both times I ran to a corner and picked up gold and waited.

As for my merc v. Baal, I burned about 300k gold resurecting the guy. Eventually with about 1/4 left on Baal's gauge i just screw it and just fired at him.

Overall, she died only a few times, and all were victims of the Lag monster in the MP game. Other than that, she never died in solo play, not even in act 5 hell. I also have never fought glooms/black souls with her....

What I learned:

Valk is amazing
Pure bowazons are viable
You need to incorporate DS, OW, CB, PMH into your gear.

So now Sniper is the 6th Mat/Pat in v1.10. Only a barb to go, and he's in act 3 hell. Expect to see a report and guide on him within the week.

Have fun!


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Congrats ;) You say pure bowzons are still good... But most of the time you had a party... How fast were you sailing after you started going solo? ;)

About the other things you learned...

DS does nothing for you if Critical Strike triggers so you don't really need DS. If you have 70% CS and 50% DS you will do double damage only 85% of the time.

CB is reduced when ranged (cut in half?) so I doubt it is all that useful...

I agree on knockback, OW and PMH, though.

Oh, and you mentioned you had no PMH against Baal... Doesn't matter. Act bosses don't heal.


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Congrats on the Matriarch! :)

One small tip on killing Baal though. In the area in front of the place where Baal spawns, (at the start of the bridge), two pillars are positioned. If you halt just before you reach the first pillar, (the on on the right), you can position yourself there and fire guided arrows, (using the shift key), towards the right side of the pillar and the arrows will seek Baal and hit him while his elemental attacks can´t get through to you. I have killed Baal this way many times. Just beware his teleporting ability and you´ll be fine. Oh, and Crushing blow is a MUST, which you already mentioned.

Just a quick tip for amazons out there who are having trouble with Baal in hell difficulty.

CHEERS! :drink:


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Nightfish said:
Congrats ;) You say pure bowzons are still good... But most of the time you had a party... How fast were you sailing after you started going solo? ;)
It was nothing spectacular, but I was still making good progress. Goldstrike does wonders on undead and demons.

Nightfish said:
CB is reduced when ranged (cut in half?) so I doubt it is all that useful...
That is it, but for baal, I would go CB mancer style, and grab my 4x Eth, 2x Shael Phase blade, Guillaume's Face and Gore Rider.

Nightfish said:
Oh, and you mentioned you had no PMH against Baal... Doesn't matter. Act bosses don't heal.
Good to know. I could have sworn he was healing.



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Grats!!! To everyone who said they "nerfed" bowazons, take that~

Interesting to see your build, and I'm not surprised you had trouble with Baal. 20 Penetrate is an interesting choice, I used magic arrow's AR bonus to kill bosses and just left penetrate at 1. I bet all that IAS was awesome.



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Congratulations, CRG. It's great to see the humble little zon get her due. :lol:

Well done. :thumbsup:


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gratz on the mat :thumbsup: once i can play again i want to start a pure 1.10 bowazon and a 1.10 hammerdin too, so its good to see that a pure bowazon can cut it :uhhuh:

have a :drink: on me at the EMB, u deserved it



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Congrats on Mat!! :clap:

Now visit EMB and have one on me :drink:

I am making my own bowazon atm, I just wonder how she can survive hell (she will have max 700 life) :uhhuh:


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Nice gloves, nice rare ring and NICE bow. I hope to find a Goldstrike with one of my bow-wielders (haven´t seen one yet). Where did it drop? I bet it was a good upgrade when you got it. :D What bow did you use until then?

I don´t think 20 minutes against Hell Baal is a long fight. I don´t know how long my "randomly challenged" amazon Lucky took to clear the breeding room in Hell Maggot Lair, but I know she used 4 1/2 quivers of arrows (almost 1600 arrows) to do it.