"Internet Syndrom"


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As the reach and depth of the Internet continues to spread, more and more of these cases will appear. Though the Internet is an ingenius invention and experiment that has brought the ends of this Earth into a conveinent foothold for everyone to use, the Internet has also brought about a decline in real-life social activity as a whole, and has hit the "Generation X" of the prospering nations the most, namely the United States and the technologically-pioneering nation of Japan.

The fact that psychological illness is spawning in the only generation thus far that has fully utilisized the capabilities of the Internet by accepting its conventions and virtually limitless potential as an obvious neccessity to the way of things is by all means a bad omen. If the youths of today, the adolescents of the Computer Age, are showing symptoms of obsessive compulsive tendencies and developing psychological traumas as a result of the World Wide Web, how likely is it that this generation's children won't be as equally susceptible to the same kind of destructibility that the current generation's youth have attained?

The phenomenon that is Myspace is a fast-spreading wildfire of a social plague, one that has allowed young people the opportunity to socialize and produce a social fabric in the conveinence of their own homes. This may seem like a benefactor, however it is a social mechanism that is encouraging today's youths to engage in mindless self indulgent acts of ego-boosting and unhealthy amounts of narcissism. Yet, the formation of these socially destructive character faults is a lighter side-effect of obsessively habitual Internet use. The Chinese are now reporting the most devastating by-products thus far of the Inter Age, and the prospects of this sort of mental repercussion being contained in small numbers is an impossible resolve because as long as people are allowed unrestricted access to indulge in the many fruits the Interest has to offer, the larger the probability that those people with a vulnerablity for mental defuncts will be among those who have become dependents of the Internet for their various eductational, recreational and emotional needs.

Despite the action being taken against the Internet plague, the luxaries that the Interest provides have already been infused within the collective mindset of whole populations & has been firmly embedded within the social fabric of many civilizations. Like the drug epidemic, the Internet scourge is an impossibility to obstruct and due to its overwhelming following the Internet has already attained, its restriction or even its prohibition would be illy received by the populace in question, and would be an inevitably overturned bill (as the US Prohibition of the 1930's was) as the heads of government realize that the Internet has become an unquestionable & undeniable ampliance to the way of life of its citizens.