Internet Rip-off scheme


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Internet Rip-off scheme


I am Miss LISA Gnassingbe, the daughter of the
late togolese president {Mr Gnassingbe Eyadema}, whom
of heart attack on the 5th of febuarary 2005 on a

After his death, my elder brother{mr Factus Gnassingbe} ,
was quickly acknowledged as the new president of my
country, and till date there are still outstanding
and onsteady decisions if really he is going to continue
the leader of my country.

Due to this effect, i wish to move some funds lodged in
my late father before his death in an account in europe
your country for a priavte investments abroad.

I am seeking for your trust to assist me move this funds
into your country for private investments now, and i wish
that you are a trustworthy person that can not only
me get the funds into your country alone, but also keep
safe for me until i come over to your country and we shall
make proper arrangements for good investments together. I
shall thank you after this funds has gotten into your
country through your assistance. i await your quick
response through this email
Best regards.

Miss LISA Gnassingbe.
ATTN: Sir/Madam.
I write to seek your services in a private matter
Regarding the late Worth Cruz. Who died leaving
some funds
Unclaimed in Standard Trust Bank of Nigeria,without any
beneficiary. I am
quite aware that you might have had no acquaintance with the deceased,but
I can arrange for you to stand as the beneficiary. But this requires a
private arrangement.
Could you perhaps be able to receive these funds under
Claims then I will fill you in. I am willing to assist
and as well as show appreciation for fewer
Questions asked and your participation will be 30% of
the total money.
I need assistance from a trustworthy and reliable
person whom
I will fill in as the beneficiary to provide an
account where
This fund will be remitted. I have all the details and
will fill
You in if you are really willing. Your major role
would be to open
a bank account where the funds will be transferred.
Presently, the said sum stands to be transferred and
all I need from you is to provide a safe account where
this money can be logded.
That is the more reason why I seek your consent on
this issue. Because of security reasons I prefer that
we communicate through E-mail and Telephone until the
transfer is
All correspondence will be via email, for now. The
funds in question
Are quite large (about US$15.02M). I will expect a
straight answer
From you. Yes or no. If yes, then let's work out the
Closing with anticipation.

Please do reply to:[email protected]

Mr.Bello Attikku.
Hi All,

These little gems of emails got trapped in my Junkbox. Although they don't ask me yet to give some cash in order to make a heap of money, this is typical of what they call the "African Internet Scam schemes".

No actually these emails are real, and Syxx is known throughout the African Continent by presidential daughters as being a kool dude just waiting to make some international money tranfers out of the goodness of his big old heart..... NOT !!!!

Actually with regards to the top email, its strange how Lisa Gnassingbe cannot even spell her brother's name correctly ...

Basically in order to move a large amount of funds from some 3rd world country for which you will be handsomely rewarded, you just need to provide some cash to smooth the transfer. What happens is the 'red tape' to clear the funds requires more and more cash from me before i receive my reward. Yeah right, and I believe in the tooth ferry as well :D

Also about 6 months ago I received a snail mail letter from Spain stating I was one of 6 winner to their lottery and could expect a share of the 26 million dollar prize pool. A quick google search proved this to be a be fake. Not that I already hadn't worked this out, since I have never bought a spanish lottery ticket. However they tried to pass this off by saying, as part of an advertisement compagn, random people in Europe were 'given' tickets in order to spread the word of thier wonderful lottery.

Pure bulldust !!!!

Beware people, lots of rip-off merchants out there on the net.



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you should really write them back and mess with them. but do it from an account you don't mind getting spammed.


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I still remember the first one of these I ever got. I considered it for a few seconds, actually, because a couple of people I knew got into shady off-shore investments that got them 400% returns for a few years until the Feds shut them down. I was thinking they had given my email to some new "business partners," but then I realized it was all crap.

Here's one guy who scammed a scammer:

The best fake email I ever got was the one for the virus disguised as Anna Kournikova pictures. I got it from the secretary in the university's poli sci department, and I didn't quite believe she would send something like that to me.

Although the best set of emails I ever got were these:

1. sent: 9:00am, to: classlistserv, subject: lab4-6
At the beginning of the semester I had asked if you accepted late labs and
you answered no. Thus, when a lab due date arrives, I submit what I have
done and assume that is the best I can do.
Lately I have been hearing other students talking as if they are still
working on completing old labs.
Could you please clarify what your policy is. If you are accepting labs
after the due date, I would certainly make corrections and improvements on
my labs. However, if you do not give any consideration to late labs, I do
not want to jeopardize future labs by inefficiently using my time to make
corrections on old labs.
Thank you.

2. sent: 3:15pm, to: classlistserv, subject: RE: lab4-6
Is the date for when lab 7 due correct? So we only have a week to do it?

3. sent: 4:00pm, to: classlistserv, subject: RE: lab4-6
I am still not done with lab4-6 how am I to get lab 7 done?

4. sent: 4:05pm, to: classlistserv, subject: RE: lab4-6
beats the **** out of me! lets get drunk instead!

5. sent: 4:15pm, to: classlistserv, subject: RE: lab4-6
Hey I'll come!

6. sent: 4:30pm, to: classlistserv, subject: RE: lab4-6
oops! that wasn't suppose to go to the whole class!
thought she just e-mailed that to me!
Sorry for the foul language!

7. sent: 10:30pm, to: classlistserv, subject: RE: lab4-6
Well, this list-server has definitely been entertaining, if not helpful :)