Interesting Read about Diablo 2


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Interesting read, thanks for sharing :)

While parts of it sound familiar, I haven't probably read so thoroughly about the topic before.


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Well, that was awesome lunch time reading, thanks :p

So now I have to go and play through D1 again.


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Thanks for sharing! Now we need to get them to fix all the bugs the community has found and add the ubers / Dclone to SP.


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I've read that article about a year ago and I think I got the link from this site, although it might have not been the SPF.

Does anybody have the email addresses of those guys, so we get them fix the remaining bugs, even out imbalances, make small improvements and finally implement a muling system into the game? D2 is far from complete, there's work to do!!11!
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I'd pay them personally to fix the Inferno bug
I've always wanted an Inferno sorc to work