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I doubt it would be Diablo III. And it wouldn't be Starcraft II since he clearly said that the southern teams handled the RTS games.

I remember a while back reading something about them planning a kind Diablo III. This was before people walked out. It was supposedly in the same genre as the Diablo series and would play in a similar style but it would NOT be Diablo 3 and would be a new series of game(s). I remember someone from Blizzard (don't think it was Bill Roper) saying that they were definately looking at something like this.

Whatever it is, I know that Blizzard won't dissapoint us.


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Hmm... Maybe you've heard of Flagship Studios? You know -- the company a lot of key Blizzard North employees moved to. It's funny, since they also seem to make a game with a Diablo mood to it (dark mythological stuff). And they had key positions at this unnanounced project too (just read the bios for some people in the team). Mmm... The plot thickens! :D


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ACK! Jugalator, don't torture us with this. THIS game has all ready ruined me enough. I don't think I could handle a Diablo 3 or a game similar to it and designed by most of the same team. It would kill me. ;)


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Flagship obviously won't be making a Diablo 3, as they can't. However, I'd be willing to bet loads of money that whatever game they come up with will wipe the floor with whatever Blizzard comes out with next. Well, with the possible exception of WoW, which I imagine will stick around for awhile, but that's Roper & the Gang's creation as well. Blizzard = Pwned, Flagship = Pwners.