Interesting findings with Fade


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Interesting findings with Fade

Considering how many people play assassins here, I thought I'd share something that might not be known about fade.

Here's what is commonly known about fade:
  • Increases resists
  • Has hidden PDR%
  • Reduces curse length if active before cursed

Now for the not so commonly known:
If you have fade active before touching a shrine with a duration (skill, combat, exp, etc.,) it will reduce the length of the benefits. If Fade isn't active, then the shrine will last its full length even if Fade is turned on later.

I'm surprised that D2 considers shrines as "curses" though I shouldn't be, since curses overwrite shrines and vice-versa.

I found this out because I hit an experience shrine while L6 Fade was active, and it didn't even last a full battle with about 5 beetles in A2 Normal.

I also found out that if fade is active and the assassin is wearing Hawkmail (unique scale) it's hard to see her even if you know where to look. A lot of times I could only find my character by following the trail of Blade Fury backwards. (Hawkmail turns the char dark green and then add the translucence of fade while on a dark green background...Talk about assassin heaven. :lol: )


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while i already knew this the info might be useful for those that where not aware of this:thumbsup:.

about sin being invisiable try using fade and kill shrenk when his is multi shot. Sometimes the grafic load gets so heavy you cant see your own char :D


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If you use fade while she's wearing a dusk shroud, she looks like she has a bared midriff.

Not why I use Fade, but it is a nice bonus, lol.


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Liliel, when she's wearing a Rattlecage (yeah, don't ask) and has Fade on, it's sort of the same: black top, bare midrif, black and red long trousers. Very strange sightings, those...


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Didn't know about the shrines but I could have guessed that the game see them as curses since when you activate one, ex Experience Shrine, and get's AD thrown at you, the EXP thingy goes away :(