Interesting drop in Normal


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Heya everyone, I am a bit confused.
I fired up my old unfinished HC necromancer (skellies, cheese), to finish him, and while running in Normal Ancients Way, game gave me this:

I thought that this ilvl was waaaay too high for Normal game to drop?
Or has 1.14c fcked up something with the tables?

I never knew drop mechanics very good, but this just seems plain wrong.


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ATMA readout:
Tal Rasha's Adjudication
Required Level: 67
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 33
Fingerprint: 0xd5cfadaf
+50 to Life
+42 to Mana
Lightning Resist +33%
Adds 3-32 lightning damage
+2 to Sorceress Skill Levels

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
10% Faster Cast Rate
***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
I have several Tal amulets in ATMA stash, and lowest ilvl on them is 44, while most of them are ~85


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It can drop from bosses in Act 2 false tombs in normal. Sets generally have low qlvls, and this is one such case.

The low qlvl of sets is also why you'll see very few failed set items (provided there IS a set version), especially in nightmare and onwards, while uniques have lots of cases where the base item can drop from monsters of insufficient level to drop the unique.