interesting display bug with venom + pd from charms?


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interesting display bug with venom + pd from charms?

ok, well my ww dmg with venom and no outside pd reads as 3000 dmg. now, i was lucky enough to get 6x 100pd/17+life sc's. when i put them all on, my display reads as 3078 or something like that. is this a display bug? cuz my dmg should be around 3600 with pd now.


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Poison damage is applied over time. The damage listed, takes into consideration that the 100 dmg is applied over x seconds.


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i heard that venom cuts the duration from charms etc down to .4 sec so you wont be getting the full duration of poison damage which means the charms are doing much less damage than usual. you would be better off using AR/life charms


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does venom really do this? if it really did i would be most certainly dissapointed.... also can BoS and Venom be on at same time? i see the shadowmasters do it
Hex said:
yes its so awesome!! i figured that out!!! mwhaha
venom+ any other can be on at the same time, but not bos +fade.

venom takes the poison dmg and reduces it (along with the dur) to .4 secs.
so a 6p dmg charm over .8 secs (im bad at math so yeah, sue me) would do 3 dmg over .4 secs. its not a glitch.


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Venom makes sure if you have a charm with 100 pd / 5 sec it becomes 8 dmg over 0.4 sec. So you get an asskicking 8 more poison dmg with each hit you make. It's not really worth it if you ask me.


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...which is why I loaded my sin up with tons of +shadow items. A rather nice side effect is having all shadow skills at slvl 20 while only investing one point in each...
1K poison damage over 10 frames is a very nice bonus. Being able to max out an extra skill(in my case FoF) is priceless.