Installing more RAM

Installing more RAM

Ok, I ordered more RAM for my comp, a gig (two sticks of 512). I read what I could about it, and understand the care I must take in installing the new RAM and in grounding myself while I do so. Installing it in the proper place in the proper manner, I think I can grasp (though from all accounts, it can sometimes be downright difficult to do).
Other than that, the whole thing seems unclear. It doesn't seem like other hardware installations, in that there is no software to run. Are there no drivers to install or does the computer automatically sense the added RAM and just start using it?
I tried researching this online, but couldn't really find a very clear, complete explanation for the intelligent computer-simpleton that I need.

Any help from the KOW-types here would earn you a free meal when you come through my town.


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Installing new ram is really straight forward, the only thing you need to check is your motherboard manual to see what the reccommended placements are. Most boards with four slots have 1-a,1-b,2-a,2-b. Some are optimal with both in 1 some with both in a, just check your manual. Other than that it's plug and play. No drivers or anything.


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RAM is simpler than other devices. Management is an integral part of any OS, and so they don't require any drivers (because memory interfaces are standardised). Just pop the sticks in. If you're going for a dual channel set up, make sure you put the sticks in the right slots. Your motherboard manual should tell you where.


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It is not very hard. One of the easiest hardware components to upgrade. Remember to make sure the chip is securely in the slot, you should hear a click. And remember to ground whenever working inside your box.

I would also recommend disconnecting your Power Supply from the motherboard, those capacitors in there can really hurt(maybe kill) you and can fry your system in a heartbeat. If you are new the the insides of your computer it is a good idea.

Other than that you computer should pick up the new RAM on startup, no software needed. Sometimes you do have to press kinda hard to get both clips to go in, make sure you get both clips in the full upright position. . .things can get ugly if you don't.

Check your manual for the placement, that is assuming you have more than two slots. Worse comes to worse get the number off your mobo(its either on a sticker on the inside of the case or the biggest lettering on the mobo itself) and put it into Google.
Thanks, yeah, that was the impression I got was once you get it in properly, the computer takes over from there.

Two slots only, one with 256 RAM in it. The computer can take up to 1 gig ok, and I made sure these are the right sticks. The impression I get is to put one stick in the slot with the 256 in it now (after taking that one out, of course) and the next stick in the empty slot.

It's a piece of junk computer, but spending 70 bucks on this RAM will probably give me a lot of leeway for a couple of years with being able to handle most games and other heavy computer resource stuff.

Edit: Thanks KOW, that suggestion of disconnecting the Mobo from the power source is a good one. I'll try that website out, too; OEM computers are kind of hard to get to the basics of, though. I've talked to HP and at least found out the proper RAMsticks to put in, that's about as helpful as they felt like being.