Installing D2 without Disks and Median XL 2017 Question


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Hi guys,

Former member here, still dropping in on the community once in awhile. I saw the post about Diablo 2 Median XL and it has me interested in trying it out. A few questions...

First, is it possible for me to install the game without any hard copies of the game and instead just the CD key numbers?

Second, are there any guides for D2MedianXL or is it all fresh to the community?

Third, will this take the community by storm or is it just something that most people will gloss over?

Hope to hear from you all!


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If you have your CD keys you can go the blizzard site and register them to your account. After that you can download the game directly from them.

There's plenty of info on medianXL out there, just google it. There's also a fair amount around here if you search this site, specifically in the single player forum.

The game isn't going to take anything by storm, it's been around for about 10 years. It is easily the most popular game mod for D2 though, and can be quite fun, although very challenging.


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I will note, you can only register ONE copy of Diablo 2 on Blizzard, if you try to register more than on account it says you already have it. Duh, like anyone would buy more than one copy of a game.


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To be fair I did used to own 2 copies of the game. Used to run 2 Bnet accounts at the same time so I could have a BO barb whenever I wanted.