Insight synergy possibility?


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Insight synergy possibility?

I was looking at the insight weapons and how they give a meditation aura. Now I know if you put an insight weapon on a mercenary you get two auras, but I want to know if the prayer aura from certain act 2 mercs actually synergises the weapons mediatation aura.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks


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The prayer from your merc will synergize the meditation aura, but the life gain with both is still too small to notice.


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Yes it does. The prayer will synergize with the meditation and you will double healing, so to say, for yourself and other parties members, just not minions because they will not receive the meditation aura.

Ahh, I see RTB beat me to it.


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RTB said:
The prayer from your merc will synergize the meditation aura, but the life gain with both is still too small to notice.
ok lets say you boosted his skills with plus 4(2 from armor 2 from helm) and your merc also reached lvl75 along with replinish life gear you may wear this could help you from constantly having to use potions for being poisoned(depending on the poison dmg) also small hits will take chunks out of your life but if you are not going to encounter fiends for a while this may really help
lets look at some common gear you might wear that could imporve your replenish life that your recieve.

with a lvl22 prayer your recieve 29 replenish life and asuming plus skills will not synergize meditation will yield 18 replinish life this already gives you(+47) 4.589 life per second. lets throw on some gear

for dmg reduction, vitality, faster hit recovery, and replinsih life (10-13)

spirit shroud:
for cannot be frozen, 1 all skills, and replinish life (10)

peasant crown:
vitality, energy, 1 all skills, faster run/walk, replinish life (6-12)
Halaberd's Reign:
faster hit recovery, 2 barb skills, individual skills, defense, replinsh life(15-23)

heart of the oak:
3 all skills, faster cast, max mana increases, replenish life(20)
dmg increase, life steal, deadly strike, ar, 1 all skills, replinish life(10)
call to arms used as weapon
dmg increase, magic find, icreased attack speed, life steal, 1 all skills, replenish life(12)

angelic halos+angelic wing
life, massive ar, dexterity, replinish life(6-12 depending on # of rings)
rising sun amulet+manald heal
life, regenarate mana, 2 fire skills, fire absorb, replinsh life(10ammy,5-16 on # & quality of rings)

crafted blood boots
life steal, life, replenish life(5-10) + aditional mods

25-33 for all
6-12 all but barbs /15-23 barbs
20 casters / 10-12 non casters
6-12 meleers / 15-26fire casters / 0-16others

47-69 for meelers excluding barbs
56-80 for meele barbs
51-81 for casters excluding fire casters
66-91 for fire casters

47+(47-69)=94-116 replenish life= 9.179-11.328 life per second for meelers

47+(56-80)=103-127 replenish life=10.058-12.402 life per second for meele

47+(51-81)=98-128 replenish life=9.570-12.5 life per second for casters

47+(66-91)=113-138 replenish life=11.035-13.476 life per second for fire casters

the minimum for life per second is about 9 & 1/4 life per second
and the maximum life per second is about 11 & 3/4 life per second
with some ok gear for both meele and casters. pretty decent for gear that you might just use any how brining up the life from 4 & 1/2 life per second.

this again can really help out you while you are playing solo or a tid bit in parties from poison. :)