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Insane D2 is a mod for Diablo II, running on a closed server with active admins,
Insane D2 server is up, starting season 1, you should test this server if you love d2 ;)
High Resolutions patch supported, <= 1920x1080

HD D2 Closed Server, balance and tweaks by SC2 master player.
good learning curve, good balanced challenges for d2 fans,
New unique items, and custom original items, custom original maps, d2 spirit

unique & set items are much more powerfull, but you encounter monsters, elites, and ubers monsters,

Insane D2 is easy until Hell; the last difficulty level, Nightmare = medium difficulty
you can test this mod with no-problems even if you don't know D2

easy install, + connect to i-D2 Closed Server [ cheat/botting = instant account ban ]
fixed files, no D2 bugs @ win7

about Insane D2 Difficulty level scales:

Normal = easy difficulty, you loot full of unique items

Nightmare = medium difficulty, you have to know what you are doing when you are going to andariel Act 1

Hell = medium/hard= INSANE D2:
Act 1 - Act 5, monsters are levels 95, you can drop elite unique items @ Hell only. you can farm anywhere.

hard D2, still balanced, some things for example: 90% of monsters are not immunes to any magics

Multiplayer Experience is recommended, fun to play party @ Hell
come play on i-D2 closed server, no cheats, your character saved server side.
if you like D2 you should test Insane D2

some Unique Elite Items, ilvl 85, drop only @ Hell Difficulty =

Insane D2 Mod

• Original D2 Spirit, you can farm everywhere, hell act 1-5 / cow level, zones are fun to explore with different balanced monsters

• Custom Unique Items + Custom Original D2 set & uniques

• Monsters + Elite Monsters + Uber Monsters + random affixes = full of multiples fun fights, Monsters cast strong skills often

• Design of server is to farm Act 1 - 5 Hell party and cow level party,
good drop/exp/difficulty % anywhere @ Hell, and normal/nightmare are still hard, insane D2 is very hard @ HC

• Stats and affixes, full balanceds [ by master starcraft 2 player ]

• Characters, Skills, skill effects, update from A to Z

• Mercs are not strong/usefull in i-D2, multiplayer, solo playing purposes

• High Resolutions options

• D2 PvP is a fun experience + full updated skills, items, effects

• no any pay-to-win, no rewards, no commercial purpose, donations only

Insane D2 Youtube Vids

some random examples about classes works:
necromancer is fun with summoning skills, you must cast often your skills in hell
wiz skeletons are casting random powerfull skills

barb whirlwind you have some items with good % procs and functions,
you can see lightning barb, frost barb, a wind/tornados/earthquake barb, full procs, no op's, nice fun

sorc you can use full of skills, static field is balanced and not op, 90% only @ hell,
mix your style to full cold or mix cold fire lightning for example, 90% of monsters are not immunes to any magics dps

amazon = you can make melee builds, support builds, some amazon spears are awesome support,
javelin amazon, bow/xbow, good safe dps output, cc options, tricky cooldowns

in hell you can solo or party, party playing is fun because you have full of skillbuilds to play,
with unique items, full of different playing scales you can scale your character to : offense, defense, tricky CC's, support, utility.
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