Inflatabla Bananas

Inflatabla Bananas

What's funnier than an inflatable banana? They're the funniest things ever!!! I saw one on eBay but my friends/parents hate me so I can't get it. But there's nothign funnier than watching a beat dwon with a 5 foot rubber banana.


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If not letting you buy an inflatable banana means your friends/parents hate you...I'd hate to see what they would do if they liked you.


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Johnny said:
5 dead bananas dressed in clown suits nailed to trees?

Wait wrong joke.
I love those things.

Evil Conservative Inc said:
A rubber chicken always is funnier
Only if it has a pulley in the middle. Practical and decorative.

??~«Z»??? said:
I like the oversized inflatable mallets. They get holey fast though.
I'm going to the Melbourne Royal Show this week, and I'm going out of my way to get one of those. The bigger the better.