Infinity! Which weapon?

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Infinity! Which weapon?

So.. I've acquired Ber-Mal-Ber-Ist and want to make an Infinity. But I can't choose the weapon I should make it in.. Should I make it in a non ethereal scythe or in an ethereal elite polearm.. The non ethereal would be usefull for CS runs on merc, or a nova sorc which I might build some day.. While the ethereal probably has a higher resale value.. So, what should I do?


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I do have a nova sorc myself and have the best fun dueling with her.

And beside the infinity and griffons the remaining gear is pretty cheap for a dueller. And its a very versatile dueller.

So my vote goes for the non-eth scythe, even better if ya can find an etheral scythe go for it and get some style along with lower requirements.


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If your sorc wears it, she will benefit from the -lightning res mod, but that's at the expense of +skills and in particular FCR and -lres of Eschuta's (which can be socketed with a facet for a total of up to -25%lres). In addition, many lightning sorcs need +skills to be really good and you perhaps make a lot of compromises for MF already.

If you need FCR in PvM (which seems to be the case here), better make an eth elite polearm for a merc. I suggest a thresher. It will also sell better when the ladder has reset, I guess.


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JDLail said:
Why not a Cryptic Axe ?
CA has better damage, but slower attack speed.
IMO I will stick with speed, as infinity has 40cb on its own so damage isn't a problem, and at least you won't need some ias helm etc on the merc.
To OP, I will stick with non ethereal scythe.


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Correct. Infinity has no IAS, that's the main reason for me to use an eth thresher. Regarding the helm, all my mercs have Andariel's Visage with Ral, as it has IAS, leech and a huge str bonus which solves all str problems for armor at the time he can wear it (L83 IIRC).

Exception: The merc of my GF barb has (you guessed it) Crown of Thieves+Lem.


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Nova sorc is the only build I can imagine that can wear infi her self without loosing to much. In contrast there are several builds which benefits from an infi-merc.
Life leach keeps your merc alive, therefore high damage is welcome. To less damage results in more deaths than iron maidon does.
imo if you plan to use it on your merc don't take a scythe. For a nova sorc there is no better weapon.


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Spankeh said:
why the fark would u blow 4 hr's and not make it in an eth elite polearm?
Because its for a dueling sorc I would imagine.

I think I see the point on CA vs Threshers. I am assuming you want to
hit the last ias bp (-35 iirc) and with an ias jewel in the helm and armor
(or Andariels with an ias jewel in the armor) thats very doable. But a GT
would be just as good imo.

If on the other hand you are only going for the -10 bp I would give
the CA another look.

has anyone done a comparison of the Thresher w/35 ias vs a Cryptic
Axe w/-10 ias for damage over time ? Just curious.


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Re: Infinity! Which weapon?

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