Infinity runewords question


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Infinity runewords question

just wondering when the conviction aura will remove immunity. So my blizzard socrecess can kill cold immune monsters.

In addition, also wondering comviction and holy freeze are stackable. Thanks.


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As far as i remember, the last discussion of this ended up with that conviction can`t break immunities (but im probably in for if it does ;) )

I solve the problem with merc+static, whenever i run into fire/cold immunes with my meteorb.

If your merc is using a weapon with aura it will stack with his own aura. I guess this is what you`re wondering about :)
In any case, any aura will work together with another.

I would also consider using insight as you don`t need worry about mana, and thus can choose your gear more freely.
(Then again, it just might be me being jealous of your HRs.. ;) )


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Infinity does indeed break immunities sometimes. Though I am not sure when. My sorc's Merc got infinity and sometimes it breaks immunity and sometimes it doesn't. Perhaps somebody in the Paladin room can answer this question


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There seems to be a bug with aura mercs and I'm unsure if this has been reported or not, but here are my observations about the aura merc glitch:

Whenever a merc that has auras generated by an item dies, his aura does not resume its normal use when resurrected, unless you do one of two things:

a) click on your merc's inventory and remove and replace his aura generating item. When replacing his weapon, his aura returns instantly


b) leave game and come back/start a new game (I used to think this was the only way to bring back a merc's aura till I figured out method (a)

Hope this helps those who were unfamiliar with the bug.



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I remarked that infinity broke immunities of monsters with lower resistances to that particular element. For exemple, in the pits at hell difficulty, they are two different creatures with cold immunity: skeleton archers and corrupted rogues. The skeletons cold resist is 75 and the rogues are 140, iirc. Since the lvl 12 conviction that come with infinity lower max enemies resists by 85, that could explain why only the skellies lose their immunity under the infinity aura. But even then, the skellies remains much more resistant to cold spells than other non cold-immunes creatures. Hope that it helps.



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i am kinda confused. so does it or not? :confused: if your merc has it, you will atleast be able to dmg the immune monsters right? even if its a little


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Infinity gives a lvl 12 Conviction Aura which reduces enemy resistance by 85%. Against immunities this only works at 1/4 (or is it 1/5?) efficiency. So any monster with greater than 120% cold resistance will not have its immunity broken by a lvl 12 conviction. Anything less than that will have the immunity broken and you will damage it.


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75% cold resist doesn't give immunity. The Bone Warriors in the Pit have 110% cold resist, which means they'll have 93% cold resist after conviction from Infinity.

Hell monsters with breakable immunities (Infinity):
100% Cold resist:
Gargantuan Beast
Dark Hunter
Moon Clan
Spike Fiend
Cave Leaper
Tomb Viper
110% cold resist:
Ghoul Lord
Bone Warrior
Baal Tentacle (also 115%)

If any of these spawns with Magic Resistant or Cold Enchanted, the immunity can't be broken.

Theriverstyx: If your merc dies and is resurrected, you'll need to make a new game or re-equip Infinity in order to make the aura work again, or the effect is only graphical.