infinity question


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infinity question

just made a infinity and got a realy poor one in reguards to stats.:banghead:
Merc is doing less damage now, only because the obediance was a vv good one.
infinity has 880 damage.
262% ed
-45 lightening res

should i try to sell and remake to get a better one, or just stick with it cause its still got good damage and the aura is what we are after.??.
just want to know what others think.


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Re: infinity question

I wouldn't call it a really poor one even though the roll you got was on the low end for dmg and for minus lite res. But 880 damage is plenty. Only about 100 less than a really good one. And the minus lite resist is not something most necros really care about.

What you want the Infinity for is the conviction aura and the 40% crushing blow. Since you got both of those, I'd say just keep it.


Re: infinity question

I agree!

What char will be using it? I guess a Fishymancer/sommuner, right? Any build using Corpse Explosion will see a great boost from Infinity, not to mention if you are using Mages, they get really nasty when you are using Infinity!

Why is this? Because of the Conviction aura, not the ED% roll =) The 40% CB is great too!

Dont worry, use it and it'll rock! :cool:


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Re: infinity question

the - light res is usless anyway, the only time it is useful is if you have a light soso and she is weilding it. (or if ur merc has ctc light skills)