infinity on a frost maiden


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infinity on a frost maiden

so im rather unhappy. long time ago I probably knew that conviction had a eqn to figure out if immunities were broken, but eh. I "remembered" that it just broke immunities regardless.

/target self

anyway. so now im looking at an infinity polearm and it doesnt break immunities much. works a bit in chaos, and hardly at all in pit, which is what I usually like running.

looks like im looking at 130 CR on the one set of mobs in hell pit, the bone warriors say 100 LR, so im guessing that data is wrong. sometimes their immunity breaks, not always.

The original plan was to get an ice runeword bow, but I haven't found a good mat bow yet. I'm guessing the -res from ice/facets/nightveil is applied when the arrow strikes, so it wouldnt affect the calcs on breaking immunity?


any other ideas besides LR charges on a wand?


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Only Conviction and Lower Resist can break immunities, other things like Ice/Facets/Nightveil can't, they only work if the immunity is already broken. When Conviction and Lower Resist are used to break immunity, they work at 1/5 efficiency, so the Conviction from Infinity can break immunity up to 116. Most Cold Immune monsters have 120+ cold resist, so Infinity alone is not useful in that case, coupling with LR wand is the only solution if you really want to break the immunity.
As far as I understand, frost maiden relies on the arrow physical damage and merc to handle cold immune monsters. I'm sure a act1 merc with faith and fort can handle most cold immune monsters easily. Act2 merc with an Infinity in elite polearm will work great too, but you'll need to make a new Infinity in that case.