Infinity ~ Nova Guide ~ Final Draft


I'm not sure about your circlet vs griffs.. damage wise, but -20 lite res isn't bad =) The extra 5 fc means you dont have to wear another 10fcr ring or mages over frosties - essentially an xtra soj.

you're at 90 fc (minus ammy) on current setup. Assume a +10 ammy, since they're easy to come across compared to the rest of the stuff - 100fc. Now, If magefists, you lose your mana tank - but warmth goes up. You also get 1fc ring swapped out. 25% mana, 1 skill, a little regen. If you take a 15% ammy - no need for magefists, 40% mana. If you use a 2/20 (like fletch) and griffs (-res translates to higher damage as well, since -100 is essentially double damage) you're up 10 fc, and can ditch one fc ring for a soj while keeping frosts. 65% mana, 1 skill.

I used fletch on mine, Iirc its +2, 20, 18 str, 55 life, 59 mana, 23 res all

So, while griffs standalone may not to you seem the better choice, the xtra flexability it allows with that 5% fc's quite useful.


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Xenon[KoA], the guide will get unstickied now. Still remains in the Sorceress Guide Library ofcourse.



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Xenon[KoA] your guide has tremendously help me with my build, A quick question, is the mdr in the viper that crucial? Or would an ormus(3 to nova) and 20 to light overpower the mdr?

Fcr wise doesnt really matter, usin wizzies


I haven't tried Nova using weap/shield, so I can't really say.

Unless 95es (and even then, for when es crashes and the overflow damage), I'd prolly still use viper for the 50% resist all. Pure lightning sorcis are much more powerful on the weap/shield route, and nova sorta loses its edge without that -175 ish lightning res from the infinity.

Any mdr/pdr's there to reduce the damage that flows over from your eshield.


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I have a very snazzy 54% -LR :)D), Superior Partizan on sale for anyone else who likes this build. Message me.


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uh - you need to take that to the trade forums.

Nice guide by the way - I've been thinking about doing this for PvM myself - I got a workable infinity, just need to get the griffons now - :undecided:


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Nice guide, just why the treks instead of other silks. My nova sorc is pure pvp though, so its a bit different I guess:undecided: I also don't use any vita, everything goes 2 mana. Anyways, pretty awesome build. GJ !


the minor % max mana increase from silks isnt enough to use it over the str/vit/fhr + mass psn res on treks, to me.


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question: what does chilling armor do for you? Something helpful towards ES or is it just for defense?


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Nice guide, just why the treks instead of other silks. My nova sorc is pure pvp though, so its a bit different I guess:undecided: I also don't use any vita, everything goes 2 mana. Anyways, pretty awesome build. GJ !
It offers 20 FHR and 40 - 70 poison resists which is very nice for an ES sorc.



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k wats yur overall resist on this built? i just made mine n er... my resist doesnt look that good lolx
Resistances don't matter much, since you have 95% energyshield (lvl 40) and resistances are taken into account after your es. The only exception on this is poison resistance, it passes through es so to speak. But your poison res should be alright if you wear sandstorm treks.



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Even after socketing um in griff and viper you won't have enough.
Consider prebuffing with treachery << Max resist with fade and 14% dr
Oh and I absolutly love this sorc~


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i dont think mine is at 95%... 90 maybe coz i dont fill my invertory up with gcs... mine is only pvm.. need space for drops


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why are you sinking so many points in telekenisis? I heard that its a hidden bonus for energy shield?


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Is putting points into Str just to reach Eth Treks Really Worth it? Wouldn't it be better to just get Rare Fhr with resist & life boots or Waterwalks since it gives more life...

I don't think putting points into str just to reach up viper and treks is necessary..

What do you guys think?


Re: Infinity ~ Nova Guide ~ Final Draft

thats an awesome guide i love when writers mix very good information with a little comedy :) this is the best sorcress guide i have ever seen one thing you might wanna edit though in the skills you forgot to say 1pt into teleportation if anyone NOT going to xDDD

GREAT GUIDE :) i look forward to many more



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Re: Infinity ~ Nova Guide ~ Final Draft

Xenon[XoA];4354310 said:
Bout 3.1K nova with ideal gear, possibly a bit higher - depending on gear choices.

3300 tS or so, if maxed route. Alternating with Warmth, or going pure warmth's prolly a better idea however.
Is that 3k+ Damage listed under nova damage? Or is that 2500ish dmg listed and then factoring in the -lightning resist from infinity? Does the -lightning resist show up as damage when you hit C and check nova damage or does it vary from mob to mob?

If it isn't listed.. what #'s are you guys saying is ideal when checking nova damage? I have pretty much everything listed on the build as ideal except a fletch amulet. (which means im having to wear a 10fc ring.. want to put on my other soj) My nova is level 39 or 40.. don't remember.. listing around 2500 damage with Bo's from Cta. With infinity equipped.. what does this equate to?

Anyway... my nova sorc is 81 now, and she gets RAPED in hell act4+. Even in solo games. I dont really get it.. ;\ I haven't gotten her set up with an insight merc yet.. I got the stuff on my javazon's merc just gotta transfer it, but I don't think he'll make that big of a change. Am I missing something? I haven't socketed her griffs or magi yet.. gonna look for some 15/7 jewels.

Anyone want to list of some things that I should be checking to make sure I'm not forgetting something stupid.
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