Infinity Might Merc vs. Last Wish Merc


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Infinity Might Merc vs. Last Wish Merc

I have gone back and forth on this wondering which one would be best. I currently have a Infinity Might Merc for my PVM Fishymancer and he is doing just fine (however he dies more than I would like against Baal's Minions wearing COH and Guillaume's Face). Please keep in mind that I do not summon mages. Please let me know your thoughts.

Infinity Might Merc: (Lvl 90)
Life - 892
Hell Resist - 36
Def - 771
Lvl 26 Might - +290% Damage
Lvl 12 Conviction - -85% Resist, -83% Def
40% Crushing Blow
+40 Vit
Higher Damage

Last Wish Merc: (Lvl 90)
Life - 1072 (+~200)
Hell Resist - 65 (+~30)
Def - 649 (-~130)
Lvl 17 Might - +200% Damage (-90% Damage)
Lvl 20 Bash - +145% Dmg + Knockback
Lvl 16 Stun - 4.2 Sec Stun (What would this be in Hell? ~ 1 sec?)
Ignore Target Def
70% Crushing Blow
Blind Target
10% more Magic Find
6% Chance of Fad when struck (+56% Resist, Curse Reduced of 75%, 11% Dmg Reduction)
10% Chance of Life Tap on striking(not good IMO - it counters my curses but easily corrected)
Lower Damge
Act V Merc!!! It would be nice for a change. But not a real factor.

I know there are other stats and skills with these mercs but they are either not important to me or they cancel it other out.

Both of these Mercs would be wearing Chains of Honor for the Increased Damage, Resist, Life Leech, and Dmg Reduction. The Helm is also up for debate. Guillaume's Face, Vamp Gaze or Andariel's Visage? If I put Guillaume's Face on the Last Wish Merc, almost every hit would be a crushing blow and he has Ignore Target Def (Baal would go down within seconds).

Please let me know if you have any experience with this issue. I am also open to any suggestions on equipment as well. Thanks.


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Just my 2 cents... as far as I know ignore target defense doesn't work on bosses...


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My thoughts:

1. You are really missing out without maxed mages - that conviction aura is excellent to have them do considerable damage. The extra meat shields actually help considerably to distribute damage over more targets.
2. No reason for Merc to be dying - try a Bramble or Fort instead of the COH and try an Andy's vs Guillaumes. Use CE like crazy once first Council goes down so they don't create a lot of hydra's.
3. With all those skellies to distribute damage over, you will have no problems with Baal minions and all act bosses (Ubers will require some slight changes) - with 14/15 skellies and 14/15 mages + gumby + infinity Might Merc (no revives and even no BEAST) you will take down Baal in less than 30 secs (decrep and sit back and watch the slaughter) - never lose a skelly either. Just remove infinity for Chaos runs and put back on for big D.

This is basically my set-up. My merc only runs into problems on some pit viper swarmed d-key runs or black soul boss packs he runs into sometimes. Once I realized that I can just take off merc's weapon when I encounter oblivions - merc has not died in Chaos since.


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*hits self on head* stupid oblivions, the answer is so simple too, take off the wep, never would have thought...
On to the post. Im not understanding some things about your might merc.... he has 800 life??? mine is lvl 86 and has 1800 life without bo. As for hell resists, there is no way that he has 36 hell resists.. mine has 55 without coh on. With it, he has 120 resist all. Did you happen to buy your merc late? If so, then he will be weaker than he could be. Mercs start with a fixed amount of resists (0 i think) and gain 1.5 resist all per lvl. So the earlier you get him, the better you will be (one reason to be rushed). From your merc states id guess you just got him. I rush players with only a merc, and he has no problems soloing hell ancients or baal. With infinity +guillaimes, hes going to be destroying alot of guys very quickly. Wats the dmg on your merc? If its low, try to get a fort (im getting one for regular play and switch to coh for ubers). just let us know when you got your merc, cause that has alot to do with how strong he will be.


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to bogie:

Used to be, but they changed that. But mercs do differ from each difficulty level. A merc from norm will have more str and dex than a merc from hell at the same level, no matter when you hire them. Find a mercless character and hire two mercs from different difficulties if you want to see.


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after wondering it down i came to this conclusion:

kiras/andy/(almost any helm will do, depending on your needs)

that would provide you lots of res even after convic, convic, +skills, crushing blow, lifeleech. even without the helm!

but its your choice.. thats what i would do in your case :thumbsup:

(BTW i use:

guilumes with ias jewel
insight ethe tresher)