Infinity for an uber killers merc?


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Infinity for an uber killers merc?

I got my frenzy barb ready for ubers now I have to think about my merc.
I already have a coh and that one guys face on him (couldn't spell his name to save my life).So now I need to think about his wep. I already have an infinity that I can either trade or use so what is the best wep for him?


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Uhm, well. Guillaumes, right?

Anyway. Don't rely on your merc surviving. As a frenzybarb you should be fine even without merc, as long as you got the usual; cb, lifetap, resists.
If you want some more accuracy during the first hits (before the merc dies), use infinity. However, if you really want him have any chance of surviving, something faster needs to be equipped, try a 3sock tomb reaver with shael/amn runes. :)


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Infinity isnt bad for a merc on a frenzy barb outside of tristram.I wouldnt expect it to help in Trist though.Uber Trist is no place for a merc ..they die there
If you care to try your merc in tristram another good weapon is ebotd in a ghost spear ..big life leach on top of your coh and fast speed.