Infinity and Hammers


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Infinity and Hammers

Does the Conviction aura benefit the hammers or does the natural ability to avoid "immunities" also include resistances?


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Blessed hammer deals magical damage, but the conviction aura only lowers cold, fire and lightning resists. Therefore it won't increase BH damage at all.


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No clue what the second part of your sentence is asking, but Conviction only lowers fire, cold, and lightning resistances. Hammers are pure magic damage.

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lol I fail at reading heh, assumed convic lowered all resistances. Sigh, I've been playing WoW too long
Hmm, does WoW actually have a Magic Resistance % that is more known and useable to players, unlike our good ole' d2?

sorry for going ot, but is WoW much better? I was thinkin of gettin the $40 1 year subscription, thats very cheap no? :tongue:



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i dont play WoW but im assuming so... diablo 1 had lightning,fire,magic resistance (what happened to poison and cold?... nobody knows!) :scratch:


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$40 for a year of wow, are the game disk(s) included then? Sounds like a pretty good deal indeed then.

(Well, not for me, coz I can't commit myself that much to a game).


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nope, lower res only works on fire/light/cold/poison.

amplify damage and decreptify only works on physical resistance.

there is no way to "lower" magic resistance, unless you count that hammers completly ignore it when hitting undead.