Infernal Cranium - rarity?


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Infernal Cranium - rarity?

Can you think of any reason why this thing is hard to find?:scratch:

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It's not much rarer than similar set items from TC3 (which is quite rare TC). I have 11 of them, so I wouldn't say that it's rare. Farm normal Andariel or normal Coldcrow and you will have one in no time. Much rarer is Sanders Paragon, the other cap, because it can't drop from those 2 TC3 targets because of high qlvl.


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It's a Cap (item type), right? Probably has something to with the same fact that you don't see a lot of Biggin's Bonnets or Sander's Paragons either. Something with it's item-level.


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Just to add: if a monster of level 20 or higher does drop a set Cap, there is a 7/10 chance that it´s an Infernal Cranium and 3/10 that it´s Sander´s Paragon.


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The problem with these items (and a few other ones as well) is that their qlvl is very high in comparison to their TC. The higher the monster level is (which decides about the maximum qlvl possible), the more TCs it can drop from, i.e. the chance for low TCs gets lower.

For a lot of low TC uniques/set items with a rather high qlvl, the Cow King in normal has a surprisingly high drop chance. Also don't forget to check super-uniques and bosses in normal for these items.